Aki Kalliatakis

Motivational Speaker - Johannesburg
Aki Kalliatakis


He is passionate about the subject of customer care, and, at one stage co-hosted his own weekly radio talk show, on Radio 702, "Aki's Consumer Line", with Mike Mills. He often writes articles for various management journals, and has published a book called "Reflections on Delighting Your Customers." His second book, "Delight Your Customers" will be published shortly.

His interests include astronomy, wildlife and reading, and he is also a part-time counsellor for one of the crisis centres in Johannesburg, although many of these interests have taken second place to the MBA with which he is currently busy.

After matriculating at King Edward School and graduating from Wits University with an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology, Aki has worked for companies in a number of industries, including life insurance, civil engineering, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. He spent much of his time developing and presenting numerous courses for managers and supervisors in these various organisations, but in 1987 became involved in the implementation of strategic Quality Improvement activities aimed at enhancing the way in which companies do business.

Aki now runs his own Management Consultancy - the Customer Resources Centre. He is actively involved in assisting companies to implement "Delight Your Customers!"TM - a Customer Satisfaction and Quality Improvement strategy which he developed in South Africa for the local market. He is often invited to give motivational talks to groups, conduct seminars, workshops and training courses, and to carry out both in-house and external surveys for his clients. He also lectures on executive development programmes for two English universities operating in South Africa.


  • There‚Äôs a Fortune to Be Made in the World
  • Kickstart!
  • Value Innovation: The Key to Your Company`s Future
  • How to Delight Your Customers with Positively Outrageous Service
  • Future Trends in Customer Care
  • The Twenty Attributes of a Customer-Obsessed Company
  • Making Heroes: The Power of Recognition
  • Ten South African Companies That Delight Their Customers
  • Value Innovation: The Key to Your Company`s Future
  • Forty Reasons Why Your Company Must Delight Your Customers
  • Why I'm Staying
  • The Magic in You!
  • The Right Stuff for Success
  • New Horizons: How to Cope With Change
  • When Someone `Moves Your Cheese`
  • Sales is FUN!


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