Ann Wilson

Keynote Speaker - International
Ann Wilson


"I wasn’t born with a family inheritance, I didn’t sell a business for millions, or win the lottery. I just learned early in my life that having an education and working hard was not the answer to living the life of my dreams."

"From a low point of divorce and debt, I decided I could reach financial freedom. I did it in 8 years. I now wake up living a financially free life – where I can decide to work or not. Best part? I have the recipe and I want to share it with you!"

Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef, best-selling author, speaker and financial empowerment activist, believes that everyone can experience abundant wealth in their lifetime and have all the money they need to live an unlimited life.

That is why she is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and liberating people to create a positive relationship with money and providing them with simple, actionable and effective tools to build wealth.

By 38, Ann achieved her own financial freedom, meaning she can stop working whenever she chooses and her assets will continue earning her all the money she needs (and more) to live the lifestyle she wants forever.

She didn’t have a family inheritance, a business that she sold for millions, or a lucky win in the lottery, she simply taught herself to master the key ingredient to live an “unlimited life” - money.

By using the wisdom gained from her own experiences, Ann now shares her recipes for wealth with her students all over the world - from Africa to Australia, America to Europe – enabling them to break free from debt, build cash reserves, and create assets that work hard for them – so they don’t have to.

The Wealth Chef delivers dynamic training programs that teach individuals to how to create a wealthy life. Consistently applied, Ann’s recipes for wealth guarantee financial freedom and ultimately allow anyone to live the life they choose.

By igniting positive expansion in others, she knows they will do the same – creating a positive ripple effect in their families, communities, and the world, making it a better place for all.

An explorer at heart, with a love for adventure and new experiences, Ann has lived and worked in her native South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, the USA, and France. She rode around the whole of Australia on a motorbike, has dived all over the planet, sailed extensively and spent much time in her favourite place, the African Bush.

Contribution is very important to Ann. 100% of the royalties from her bestselling book, The Wealth Chef, published by Hay House, are donated to The Small Enterprise Foundation - a foundation eradicating poverty by empowering women through financial literacy and the development of viable economic enterprises.

Currently based South Africa, with her beloved Spinone, Cara Mia, and Tonkinese cat, Braken, Ann is constantly gallivanting around the globe revelling in nature and pursuing her curiosity about what a wealthy life means in different cultures and to different people.

Ann is living proof that no matter who you are, where you start in life or what has happened in your past, you too can create financial freedom and live your unlimited life.


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