Bam Bam Brown

Musician - Cape Town
Bam Bam Brown


Not quite convinced with the convention of his successes, Brown moved his craft to otherwise unchartered territory for South African musicans and completed a succesful 2 month tour of India in 2016. His return home saw a sauntering summer tour including his pioneer show a Rocking The Daisies 2016, Park Acoustics and Lush Festival with acclaimed internationals The Temper Trap. Brown’s music this year carries the weight of a seasoned explorer, and manages to touch base with a variety of influences while still rooted in his afro-folk rock foundations. Armed with the voice that is sure to ignite audiences, Brown’s sincere approach to his calling translates into an electric live performance every time. With a brand new single releasing in Summer 2018, and an artillery of acclaimed musicians that go by name of “The Wild Professors” behind him, the future is a bright one for Bam Bam Brown. And he’d love to come over and shed a little light.

It had always seemed that music would find Brown, and an early career with first band Saintfearless sent Brown on nationwide tours with the likes of aKing, Fokofpolisiekar, The Kongos, Tidal Waves and many more. After countless shows (including the famed Oppikoppi, Up The Creek, even the world re-knowned Afrikaburn) Brown retired his first love child and set his sights on further horizons. Following an explosive innings as the frontman for Cape Town modern rock stalwarts Feverstone, a hungry Kieron Brown locked himself in his room in 2015 and began honing his craft and a new alter(ered) ego. A chance meeting with a local filmaker convinced Brown to release a quick little nursery rhyme he had been working on. That video should be around the 100k mark on Youtube by the time you read this.

From Mumbai to Maboneng, From Berlin’s hustle and bustle whip to Lesotho’s vast and silent mountainous grip. The trail that Bam Bam Brown is blazing is surely one carved by his own unique, fiery young hands. Having been raised wedged firmly between the cultural lines of his Cape Flats cohorts. A young Kieron Brown was exposed to live music from a young age, being snuck into live venues as a toddler. A weekend at the famed Brass Bell was the meeting point for a (then) knee-high Bam and one Springbok Nude Girls - a band he would go on to receive a personal invitation to open for on their DVD tour of 2016.

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