Braam Malherbe

Motivational Speaker and MC - Cape Town
Braam Malherbe


Braam Malherbe is a Motivational speaker that doesn’t only engage the audience while sharing best practices, but also draws on life experiences and lessons ensuring the audience is kept entertained. The difference between an inspirational speaker and a motivational speaker is sometimes quite subtle.

Where an inspirational speaker uses examples to underline the possibilities of overcoming extreme everyday obstacles as a way of motivating the audience, a motivational speaker draws from own experiences to back up the notion that nothing is impossible if one applies their mind in a constructive manner devoid of conditioning.

The difference is notable and the message carries a lot more weight when coming directly from the person that has achieved what many would say was impossible. As a motivational speaker, Braam Malherbe brings this across in a convincing and inspirational manner.

He’s a conservationist, environmental activist, youth developer, motivational speaker, TV Presenter, extreme adventurer and author of the best seller “ The Great Run” ! Braam Malherbe has had a life-long passion to protect the environment and create awareness for others to do the same.

For the past 15 years, Braam has worked extensively as a youth educator through hosting outdoor leadership camps teaching children about nature conservation and survival skills. Through his guidance Braam encourages their personal growth empowering them to make a difference in their lives and the environment.

Braam has dedicated his life to nature conservation and the sustainable protection of the planet. He founded the Western Cape fire fighter’s unit and trained the Cape Nature staff in both theoretical and practical fire fighting techniques which he gathered whilst fighting many wild fires in the Table Mountain area.

On a sporting note, Braam has been an avid athlete, tri-athlete, competitive adventure racer and paddler. In addition to colours for athletics (1500m) and cross-country, he’s completed 17 standard marathons, 15 standard triathlons, 7 ultra marathons and SA selections for the Camel Trophy.

Braam Malherbe


Braam’s ongoing aim to create a greater awareness of the power of the individual and need to protect our national parks and natural resources drove him to an environmental charity run. At the age of just 17, 532km in 11 days (Plett-CT) and a 620km plight from Tsitsikamma National Park to Kirstenbosch Gardens to raise funds to assist South African National Parks in its ongoing fight against the poaching of our natural resources.

In 2006, against our country’s medical and sporting specialists’ advice, Braam Malherbe and running partner David, ran the Great Wall of China (4218km) in 98 days! He raised R500 000 for Operation Smile, a charity that facilitates reconstructive surgery for under privileged children born with facial deformities, such as cleft lips and palates.

In 2008, after serious knee surgery and his doctors saying he’d never run again, Braam and running partner David headed yet another campaign: “Smile around South Africa”, and ran around the entire coastline from Namibia to Mozambique (3278km). He raised in excess of R2 million for Operation Smile, enough to provide approximately 500 operations.

Just recently named as “Men’s Health Unsung Hero of the year” for 2010, is another feather in his cap!

Braam truly believes that “nothing is impossible”. He places great emphasis on embracing change as a tool to reaching one’s full potential as a key component to personal growth and challenges mediocrity.

On TV he has a weekly insert called “Get Connected with Braam” which is about re-connecting through understanding the Inter-connectedness between all species, including us. He has introduced his D.O.T campaign, where he invites viewers to Do One Thing. He believes collectively, we can make a huge difference!

He has studied climate change for the past 7 years and believes that the single greatest challenge facing humanity is how we deal with global climate change and the effects it is and will have on us.

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