Brian Rogers

Keynote and Motivational Speaker - Cape Town
Brian Rogers


Brian Rogers is the co-founding trustee of a Non-Profit Trust dedicated to help South Africans become more resilient, trauma healing and emotional car.

His life story brought Brian to the fore as a highly informed resilience, character building and emotional hygiene coach.

Brian was a very successful advertising and marketing man - as marketing head of three major consumer goods companies and as an advertising Vice President of Client Coordination in Europe and Asia he oversaw the advertising strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands. He has also raised millions for charities in South and Southern Africa as a cause auctioneer.

n 2001 he suffered his first symptoms Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or as he prefers “internal and invisible injury”. The symptoms were a direct consequence of his service as a Paratrooper. A patriot then and now, he was proud to be numbered amongst those elite men and PTSD was not going to be on his agenda. But it was. It has been a 13 year struggle where he not only overhauled his shattered psyche, he suffered the classic primary health consequences of trauma - heart and stomach conditions. As is the way of the universe, he says, he added falling off a roof and narrowly missing death and being attacked with a tazor, beaten up and hog tied by three thugs in his own home.

Four visits to four ICU’s in four years culminating in a heart attack requiring three stents. That was it! His 9 lives were gone. The day he left the hospital the PTG-RR journey began. Brian did nothing but heal himself and learn to help others for 18 months, conferring with some of the leading minds around the world, in the process.

His mission is now clear and his message powerful and unique. The concept of Mental Fitness is the means of avoiding the major consequences of stress and trauma and of recovery and growth. His passion for his subject is highly compelling and he is unafraid to enter the den of the so called establishment. He believes he has earned that right and that his arguments are researched, relevant, accurate and supported by laymen and experts alike.

Brian is an extremely accomplished public speaker and comfortable addressing business audiences as large as the Coca-Cola Auditorium in Atlanta or an intimate weekend team workshop at Mabula Lodge. As an MC he has the quick wits to be a highly effective and entertaining at charity events where he has an extensive track record of being light, amusing and seamless with whatever tone and content has been intended for the event, be it an intimate affair or a 600 people black tie event.

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