Caroline Ravenall

Keynote Speaker - Johannesburg
Caroline Ravenall


Caroline’s expertise is uniquely placed to assist individuals and teams to improve their levels of productivity, effectiveness, creativity, focus and energy. Drawing upon her own practical insights as a leader, 15 years of hands-on experience in the field of organisational behaviour change and leadership development, she challenges some of the deeply held beliefs about what it means to be a high performing executive today while also getting to the heart of what it means to be human in a rapidly changing world.

Keeping your head above water in a fast-paced business world fraught with constant change and digital disruption is a challenge for almost every busy corporate executive these days. Thriving in this environment can present enormous personal and team challenges, yet this is an area where Caroline comes alive.

Her conference and workplace interventions are interactive, thought provoking, practical and down to earth. She challenges her audience to unpack what’s really occurring in their team or work context (culture) that slams on the brakes, holds people back and hinders performance. She has a knack of tackling the tough issues that few people want to deal with in a way that opens people’s eyes, creates conversation, encourages team dialogue and unleashes an individual’s potential.

With over 25 years of business experience – 10 of which were spent in the pioneering culture of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group – Caroline has carved a niche in helping leaders and their teams to perform at their most innovative and resilient best.

As one of Virgin’s top performing executives in London, she originally came to South Africa in the late 1990s to set up and launch Virgin Atlantic Airways in the country – building the organisation from scratch in a completely new market fraught with a litany of airline failures. It was here that her fascination for organisation culture and individual and team performance began to flourish.

She says: “I learned many tough but valuable lessons in this venture – mainly from the mistakes I made as a leader who was endeavouring to be perfect and stay in control, which is almost impossible in a maverick culture like Virgin’s where everything is continually shifting and changing at a helluva pace.”

Her love of writing and meticulous research in the fields of ontology, neuroscience and functional and integrative medicine make her an engaging and insightful speaker. Her keynote, the MADness of High Performance, candidly tackles the issue of executive and employee burnout together with how people function and behave under pressure. She encourages the audience to reflect and recalibrate by embracing what she calls ‘performance unusual’, inspiring them to build capacity, deal more effectively with change while mastering the art of sustaining performance into the longer term.

If your business needs to ramp up performance, achieve results, improve customer satisfaction and build high-performing individuals, teams and cultures, Caroline is uniquely equipped to help you deal with this.

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