Charlie Finch

Singer - Johannesburg
Charlie Finch


Charlie Finch is a singer-songwriter from South Africa, his sound is a refreshing, positive blend of percussive guitars, folk-pop vocals, and electronica undertones.

Charlie performed countless hours as a resident musician while studying his bachelor degree in music (BMus) at NMMU, after graduating he became a full-time musician performing around P.E. and the surrounding Eastern Cape areas, which later lead to him performing in Europe.

His debut album “Lifes Journey” is set for release in mid-2017. with its first single and music video “If I ever let you down” being released on 3 April 2017.


Growing up in a musical family, inspiration was abundant. At 15, Charlie started writing his own music as a way of trying to express himself, and by 16 knew that music was going to be a prominent part of his life, making the choice to study music in high school and university.

"When I was 16 I decided to take music as a subject at school, that same year I wrote a song to perform in a school talent show. After that, I would constantly write songs and perform wherever and whenever I could. I guess I became fascinated with the effect music had on people. The way it was able to change a mood or highlight an intended emotion. “ - Charlie Finch

With a focus on his writing, it took him years before he finally achieved the sound he had been trying to create, and by the end of his time in university, he managed to achieve it.

"I'd listen to a lot of Ed Sheeran, Mumford & sons and Coldplay, the way they write and the sounds they create have definitely played a role in the way I write. I've always been interested in the lyrics of songs and the stories they tell, it's always interesting to me to hear how someone interprets a song I've written and what I intended for the song to convey.” - Charlie Finch


Charlie's hard work started to get noticed throughout PE and Eastern Cape, and in 2016 he recorded his debut album "Lifes Journey" with the help of LittleBig Studios, shortly before moving permanently to Johannesburg to pursue music as his career.

Due for release in mid-2017, the album is an honest and optimistic account of Charlie's experiences, musings, and journey so far into life.

It's a bold, modern blend of acoustic guitars and catchy melodies. Its pop folk undertones, coupled with innovative electronic elements and confident, sincere vocals create a lively bright sound, relatable to generations.

His first single "If I Ever Let You Down" is due for release in Johannesburg on 3 April 2017, along with its respective music video.

"If I had to describe my music, I guess I would call it Folk Pop but it evolved into this after much struggle with what I liked and didn't like about my own sound.” – Charlie Finch


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