Daniel Paul

Motivational Speaker - Klerksdorp
Daniel Paul


Daniel Paul is a renowned public speaker; motivational and inspirational author who have risen to prominence by delivering a high in content and energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocre and live up to their greatness. It is a message Daniel has learned from his own life and one that he helps others to apply to their lives. Daniel is also a speaker who speaks to corporate leaders on Change-Age leadership. He covers the human side of leadership, with topics on change, motivation, creativity and Mindset renewal.

Daniel entered the public speaking arena on a full time basis and formed his own company, Mindset Renewal Coaching Center . The company provides motivational materials, workshops, seminars, professional and personal development programmes aimed at individuals, companies and organizations.

Daniel is not only a renowned speaker but an Entrepreneur and CEO of Dillion Training International a corporate training, consultancy and human skills Development Company.

He is also a co-founder of Synergy Magazine, a division of Synergy Group. He is also the author of three highly acclaimed successful books, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS, MOTIVATION FOR SUCCESS and PROGRESSING BEYOND LIMITS.

He is also a former motivational columnist with Witbank News and has done motivational talks around the country in Schools, Churches, Companies, including outside.

Daniel is one person whose focus is in understanding and stimulation human potential, utilizing powerful delivery and newly emerging insights to teach, inspire and channel people to new levels of achievements.

Daniel Paul


What Daniel Speaks About

"I am there to bring you to your endpoint even against all odds. I speak about personal goals, fulfilling dreams, Leadership mentoring and creating a life desirable to you and your world. To the corporate world I emphasis upon creating a realistic idea that helps your business reach the zenith. Corporations no longer need leaders with an opportunistic mindset anymore but, leaders with an idealized mindset that creates games."

"In one of my upcoming book on Leadership Development I wrote, “Companies have been created and should be destined to stay, what keeps them afloat the economic swamp are game creators with an idealistic and enterprise mindset not opportunist mindsets”. Rich Mind Leadership - Daniel Paul"


  1. Creating a vision for the company
  2. How to be a leader versus a manager
  3. Developing EQ as a leader
  4. How to use both sides of your brains positivity
  5. The classic, “I climbed a mountain talk”
  6. The celebrity talk, (I play Rugby, and I have a range of expensive clothing named after me – hear my wisdom)
  7. How to overcome Fear and take chances
  8. Creating a vision for your life
  9. Not you but me
  10. Some obstacles are not real
  11. Learning to get rid of obstacles in life and business
  12. Don’t resilient, Don’t stay more than enough
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