Danny K

R&B, Soul and Solo Musician - Johannesburg
Danny K


Danny K has become one of South Africa's BIGGEST, most versatile and accomplished recording artists, unleashing a slew of chart-topping hits and award winning albums and becoming a true superstar and household name in South Africa. There simply are not many artists on the African continent as big as Danny K.

Not only does he have a smooth and sexy voice, but he also happens to be extremely good looking, with an incredibly sexy boyish smile! He’s got the total package - he has the looks and vocal versatility beyond his years.

Whoever said local’s not lekker? Danny K is one of South Africa’s hottest new stars who has already made a household name for himself with his smooth, Motown-inspired R&B style. Since the release of his debut solo album in 2000, Danny K has become one of South Africa's most versatile and accomplished recording artists, unleashing a slew of chart topping hits. He has had the ability to cross all social and cultural barriers becoming a true superstar and household name in South Africa.

Danny Koppel and a few other progressive new local artists are helping to breathe life into South African music, producing new genres, trends and sounds which are making them a force to be reckoned with on the international music scene.

"I'm a songwriter and producer as well," informs Danny. “My father was a huge Motown fan. So I grew up with the sounds of soul and R&B all around me which I guess has a great deal to do with the music I’ve ended up playing.”

First SA musician to perform on the legendary Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. Other guests on the day included Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Josh Groban and John Travolta.

One of 5 SA acts chosen to perform at Nelson Mandela's 46664 concert in Green Point Stadium, broadcast to over three billion people around the world.

A groundbreaking collaboration with Kwaito Star Mandoza titled SAME DIFFERENCE which set new records in sales, selling 25 000 units in 4 weeks.

Toured and performed with the likes of Usher, Craig David, Puff Daddy, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Eric Benet, Bob Geldof,U2, Queen, Beyonce.

String of number one, top ten singles and Gold albums in his career.

Danny K


2000's 'Danny K' was followed by 'J23' (2003) and 'This Is My Time' (2006) both of which delivered a march of radio hits and earned Danny a string of accolades including the 2007 South African Music Award for Best Pop Album for 'This Is My Time'. Between these albums, a raft of collaborations (including the album 'Same Difference' with Mandoza), high-profile live appearances, the deeply affecting loss of his brother, and, yes, his very public love life it wasn't hard for Danny to let his own music path retreat into the hazy distance.

Forget every preconceived idea you might have about Danny K. The tabloid favourite. The ladies man. Even the award-winning R&B star. After a decade of music making, Danny's finally found his sound – and it's on jaw-droppingly great display on his brand new album.

Aptly titled 'Across The Line', the set of songs on Danny's fifth studio album deliver just what the singer and songwriter had in mind when he returned to the studio – and that is to swing the spotlight firmly, and convincingly, back on the music.

"One of the disadvantages of not having a new album out for three years means that people began to see me as just this guy in the magazine dating models," Danny says with real candour.

"But I am first and foremost a musician and so when it came to choosing an album title, I looked for a metaphor that would hopefully get people to see me without the tabloid filter and instead focus on the music – and especially this new creative growth. 'Across The Line' is my line in the sand."

His ally in this landmark release is a producer who was at Danny's side when he first came onto the South African music scene, Pete 'Boxsta' Martin. Back then, Danny was a young upstart whose self-titled debut contained a monster pop/R&B song in 'Hurt So Bad' that rapidly ignited his solo career and remains an evergreen South African favourite 10 years on.


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