DJ Koldproduk

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DJ Koldproduk


They called themselves ‘Koldproduks’ because they were not offered recording contracts and no one was supporting them when they started their music career.

It took them 16 months to produce their first album, “All under heaven” because they wanted to take their time. The album was a great success and its singles Hush and Cape 2 Cairo became hits. The video for Hush is seen as one of the best African music videos in awhile.

They are part of Uproot Records. It was established with purpose of empowering people through music, stimulating creative arts, and celebrating our diverse culture, cultivating off the streets of a free nation.

Some of their songs include Roll up on it, When you on top, This is how we ride, What's the message, Hard hitter, Sweat, Smile once more, Watching you, Espirit, Eyes Open All Under Heaven, etc

Simba Bako was born 18 September 1981 in Buluwayo, Zimbabwe. At the tender age of 9, this talented young man was performing for friends and family. Music was always an important part of his life and he had a burning desire to leave his mark in this challenging industry.

DJ Koldproduk


In 2000 he moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa and started his undergraduate degree at the University of Natal, it was during these years that his love for hip hop was rekindled. He completed his degree and then moved to Johannesburg for his postgraduate qualification, it was at this juncture that he met Wayne Berger and Mic Mann and the dream of Koldproduk was born.

Armed with a common goal of producing international quality music for the South African market these idealistic individuals set out to conquer an industry that they had no experience in, they were the underdogs. The name Koldproduk thus perfectly encompassed their foundation, and would help to keep them grounded when they steadily built on their successes. The first building block was the release of their record breaking debut album ‘All Under Heaven’. The album took two years to produce and when it was finally released in 2007 caused a stir in the local hip hop industry. The group of mavericks continued to amaze the industry by daring to do things differently and produced their debut music video ‘Hush’ before the album hit the local market. The music video was an instant success and was recognised both nationally and abroad.

Since its inception the group has undergone some changes, most notably the addition of two talented artists, T*Spark and DJ Soosh. The dynamic trio offer a hip hop experience that is fueled by a genuine belief in bringing about a positive change in those around them.

With a passion for music and love for the craft of DJ’ing, DJ Soosh started DJ’ing in 1997.He is heavily involved in the art of turntablism (using the turntable as a musical instrument) and this makes him more than just a DJ who plays music but also a musician in his own right. Not genre specific in his approach to DJ’ing, he is influenced by many styles of music such as hip-hop, funk, R&B, Neo Soul, Motown as well as Drum n bass. With over 10 years of experience perfecting his skills, DJ Soosh has undeniably earned massive respect amongst those who have seen him perform as well as those he has worked with.


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