Toni Luck (Dr)

Motivational Speaker - Johannesburg
Toni Luck (Dr)


Dr. Toni Luck is an inspirational and transformation speaker who has an innovative and inspiriting method of imparting these truths in a holistic and entertaining way in order to assist in the development of wellbeing and abundance in the current development life skills of those who have the most desire and need for change. Dr. Toni Luck is a highly sought after speaker for stellar events, weddings, commencements and business gatherings.

During the past four decades, Rev Dr Toni Luck has motivated and helped to transform the lives of thousands of men and women with her sermons, seminars and lectures on the power of God to inspire and change the mind, body and spirit.

She is an exciting and motivational innovator that shares the practical realities of the teachings of the Great Spiritual Masters, most notably Yeshuah Ben Yosef (aka Jesus Christ) and the profound universal principles in a joyful, clear authentic and engaging manner.

An accomplished writer, speaker and seasoned Hebrew Biblical Scholar, Dr Luck has read, analysed and synthesized the great masters, most notable the Hebrew Prophets in order to present a clear, authentic, realist, direct and touchable way to actualize the reality of a peaceful and abundant life through faith and proxis.

Utilising her Hebrew Biblical Scholarship and the understanding of the biblical narratives as historical and sacred guide, Dr Luck has been a lecturer at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, and Yale, Harvard and Howard Universities in the United States.

For centuries half the human race was excluded from any discussion of the rights of man, for women were denied the right to own property, to choose a marriage partner or to vote.

All human rights violations happen when we start to manipulate the word ‘human’ and divide humanity into ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. She is also a popular guest on 3 Talk with Noeleen on Sabc 3 the late debate on One gospel.

In America, Jim Crow laws were instituted right after the heinousness of slavery, which was a most devastating holocaust for millions of Africans. Jim Crow was to ensure that blacks had no rights whatsoever and that all their humanity was drained.

The Jim Crow Laws were state and local laws enacted in the Southern States of the United States and enforced between 1876 and 1965. They mandated ‘separate but equal’ status for African Americans but in reality, this led to treatment and facilities that were inferior to those provided to whites.

Hitler found it quite easy to redefine Jews as being subhuman. He went to great lengths to scientifically validate his position, even measuring thousands of concentration camp inmate skulls, to try and show the Jewish skull as being irregular.

Also targeted in the Second World War were the physically disabled and mentally retarded as well as the aged.

Rather than being called murder, this ‘societal cleansing’ was called euthanasia, which simply allowed society to function in the way it was intended, according to the principles of natural selection.

As Elle Weisel concluded: “It is possible to love poetry and murder children.” Hutu militia in the Rwandan genocide refereed to Tutsis as cockroaches, so naturally killing them would be seen as doing society a favour.

In radical Islam, Israeli and Jewish children are not human beings but world dominating Zionists, and a threat to the very survival of ‘believers’ everywhere.

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