Aaron McIlroy

Aaron McIlroyComedian and MCDurban

Durban comedian McIlroy’s unique, wacky brand of interactive comedy provides an unforgettable experience that the whole family - including your granny - can enjoy!


AnnalakshmiComedian and MCDurban

Her style of animated story telling in a comical manner is both smart and wholesome which is coupled by her amazing stage presence and personality.

Danny Fisher Road Show

Danny Fisher Road ShowComedian, Musician and MCDurban

Danny Fisher, a rubber-faced comedian, does impressions of famous stars of stage and screen.

Darren Maule

Darren MauleComedian and MCDurban

Darren Maule is a first generation South African but of Scottish-French decent. Yup, he is a real Jacobite!

Glen Bo

Glen BoComedian and MCDurban

Glen Bo - Durban based, international Proudly South African comedian.

Jem Atkins

Jem AtkinsComedian and MCDurban

His humor is sometimes dry, sometimes bitter, but mostly full of high-energy.

Krijay Govender

Krijay GovenderComedian and MCJohannesburg and Durban

Krijay Govender is a South African actress and stand-up comedienne best known for her role as publisher Jenna, Strini Pillai's former love interest, in SABC1's soapie Generations.

Lisa Bobbert

Lisa BobbertComical SongstressDurban

She is wild, she is whacky and she is wonderful. Lisa Bobbert is a Durban based comedian/singer/actress and recently a motivational speaker too.

Mo Vawda

Mo VawdaComedian and MCDurban

His unique take on life and passion for comedy drives him to be one of the greats of the next generation of comedians.

Muthu Murugan

Muthu MuruganComedian and MCDurban

Muthu Murugan has been wowing audiences for many years and MC-ing the trendiest events in South Africa.

Neil Green

Neil GreenComedian and MCDurban

His comedy ethos is one of introspective authenticity. He steers away from current affairs and politics. His material usually tends towards first person observations and opinions.

Troy Tesla

Troy TeslaComedian and MCDurban

Unassuming, yet with a powerful stage presence, this man’s dry, honest delivery ensures a memorable, highly entertaining performance.