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Fire Dancers


Fire Dancing is made of a number of beautiful arts, many of which are fire twirling. In short, anything you can light on fire, you can fire dance with! That said, we do not condone arson, or igniting the household cat for a fire dancing duo! Some of the more popular fire dancing arts are

Fire Eating

Fire eating (sometimes called Fire Swallowing) is a lovely compliment to the intimate fire dance. It involves extinguishing a flame by suffocating it inside one's mouth. Instruments used to fire eat usually include small fire eating 'skewers', fire fingers, sometimes even small fire staff wicks. Again, we strongly recommend professional guidance in order to ensure your safety if learning to fire eat.

Fire Poi / Fire Chains

A regular favourite of fire twirlers. Poi is a Maori word and the art of spinning poi originally comes from New Zealand, though can be found throughout the world today. Fire Poi are made of a ball of kevlar wick on the end of a chain that is swung around the body. Usually twirled in pairs, they create a beautiful circular fire trail about the fire dance.

Fire Staff / Fire Staves

Many people find fire staffs easier to master than fire poi for the simple reason that they can be twirled SLOWLY (imagine slowing down a poi swing -- it will most likely come crashing down on you and light your hair on fire!!).

Fire Staffs are made from a wind or two of kevlar wick bolted to each end of an aluminium pole. Much like baton twirling (though a majority of staff twirlers never twirled batons), the staff is twirled around the body mainly by arm and wrist movement, but sometimes through the fingers. Double Fire Staffs are often shorter than single staffs and are twirled one in each hand -- twice as hot with twice the wick!




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