Trend Speakers

Alec Hogg

Alec HoggKeynote and Guest SpeakerUnited Kingdom

Alec Hogg is the person you're looking for – financial speaker that adds value to your conference/event.

Annie Coetzee

Annie CoetzeeMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Annie’s absorbing interest in matters of the spirit, mind and body, have influenced a number of medical surgeons, such as Neuro-, Heart and Orthopaedic Specialists to assist her with advice and case-studies.

Anton Musgrave

Anton MusgraveBusiness and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Anton is Joint CEO of FutureWorld SA and a Partner in FutureWorld International, having joined the global FutureWorld network in 1991.

Bronwyn Ruth Williams

Bronwyn Ruth WilliamsKeynote and Trend SpeakerJohannesburg

Bronwyn has over a decade’s experience in marketing management and trend research, working predominantly with brands in the financial, retail and B2B industries.

Chantell Ilbury

Chantell IlburyKeynote SpeakerCape Town

As one of this country's leading strategists & scenario planners, Chantell Ilbury has worked throughout Southern Africa and abroad, managing and facilitating strategic conversations for leading businesses.

Clem Sunter

Clem SunterKeynote SpeakerCape Town and Johannesburg

(Retired) Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund and author of 14 books, CLEM SUNTER is a renowned South African scenario planner.

Craig Wing

Craig WingKeynote Speaker and FuturistJohannesburg

Craig is a partner of FutureWorld international, assisting companies understand the future of their business and how to create a culture that supports this “futureproof” strategy.

David Molapo

David MolapoMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Dr David Molapo was born at the height of the apartheid era, but has never allowed the bitterness of the past to dictate his future. "You are no longer a prisoner of your past, but a pioneer of your future"

Dawie Roodt

Dawie RoodtEconomistJohannesburg

Dawie is a nationally renowned economist who specialises in Government finance and monetary policy and enjoys excellent relations with various role-players in the South African economic and financial environment.

Deshun Deysel

Deshun DeyselMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Deshun Deysel - best known as the only black female high altitude mountaineer in the world, Deshun has diverse experience in self–image psychology, business performance management, corporate social responsibility and conference facilitation.

Dion Chang

Dion ChangConsumer Behaviour SpeakerJohannesburg

Dion Chang is an innovator, creative thinker and walking ideas bank. He is one of South Africa’s most respected trend analysts and takes the unique view of “trends as business strategy”.

Eddie Botes

Eddie BotesKeynote and Motivational SpeakerCape Town

Eddie Botes is a sought after International speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Change Artist

Elias Masilela

Elias MasilelaEconomist, Strategist and Business SpeakerJohannesburg

Editor, academic, economist, strategist, policy formulator, negotiator, business leader, international events coordinator and author … these are just some of the roles that Elias Masilela has performed in his short professional life.

Haydee Antezana

Haydee AntezanaMotivational and Keynote SpeakerUnited States

Haydee Antezana, is an internationally certified personal development and enhancement specialist and co-author. She has 18 years of experience in the field of Impression Management.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

Jean-Pierre Murray-KlineFuture Thinker. Innovator. Change Expert. Industry 4.0 & IoT Specialist.
Green & Sustainable Solutions. Digital Marketing, Security, Devices & Trends.
Author, Consultant, Project Manager & Scenario Planner.
Cape Town & Johannesburg

Justin Cohen

Justin CohenMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Justin Cohen is the author of nine books. He speaks and trains internationally. Justin’s areas of expertise are in motivation, sales, customer satisfaction, leadership and change. He has an honours degree in Psychology.

Karl Smith

Karl SmithSpeaker and TrainerCape Town

His presentations are highly motivating and real examples are made based on his extensive of experience as a manager, executive, arbitrator, coach and entrepreneur.

Ken Annandale

Ken AnnandaleKeynote SpeakerCape Town

Tough times call for tough measures. Organisation and individuals around South Africa are seeking solutions to the economic down-turn. From revised strategies to restructuring. From relocation to knee-jerk reaction.

Khumo Theko

Khumo ThekoTrend SpeakerJohannesburg

She has developed the skills needed to identify new trends and use them to compose credible, informative observations to help steer businesses through an ever-changing world.

Mamikie Molapo

Mamikie MolapoMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Dr Mamikie Serobatse Molapo (JHB) Dr. Mamikie Molapo is a professional speaker, trainer and educationalist and an Inspirational Speaker and a Management Consultant. Mamikie is a recognized expert in the field of women and children issues.

Marius Oosthuizen

Marius OosthuizenMotivational Speaker and FuturistJohannesburg

Marius is a strategist and entrepreneur with a background in theology.

Max Price

Max PriceKeynote SpeakerCape Town

Max Price is the vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Mike Schussler

Mike SchusslerKeynote Speaker and EconomistJohannesburg

He has been awarded the South African economist of the year - twice. Mike invented and maintains the Provincial Barometers which have been widely published and give insight into economic conditions on a regional basis – the first and only such indices in South Africa.

Mushambi Mutuma

Mushambi MutumaKeynote and Trend SpeakerJohannesburg

Mushambi Mutuma is a speaker and leader in entrepreneurship and business.

Neil Jacobsohn

Neil JacobsohnKeynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Neil has reported from around the world for major newspapers and magazines, and has been widely published on a range of issues from business to politics, technology, society, travel, entertainment, wine and food.

Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du PlessisTrend and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

Pierre is a flâneur, he saunters about observing trends, the flow of culture, and the pace of the world. He has worked in advertising, fashion, and trends for the last 15 years.

Robin Wheeler

Robin WheelerKeynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Robin Wheeler is a leading business thinker, transformation specialist, speaker and author of the INSIGHTS series of books.

Roelof Botha

Roelof BothaBusiness and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Roelof Botha is a venture capitalist and company director.

Wendy Mahoney

Wendy MahoneyBusiness SpeakerDurban

Wendy is an Innovation Specialist, heads Newmella Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a business consultancy focused on Business Transformation for Innovation and Profit, and lectures a course in Business Innovation Management at Vega, a subsidiary of Advtech.

Zipho Sikhakhane

Zipho SikhakhaneBusiness StrategistJohannesburg

She has held management positions in industry leading corporations worldwide and is the first black South African to complete an MBA at the top-ranked Stanford University in the USA.