Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline

Digital Architect & Scenario Planner, Everything Trends, Tech, Web, Iot & Strategy, Author, Consultant & Project Manager - Cape Town & Johannesburg
Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline


Who is Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline?

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline is a Digital Architect & Scenario Planner. He is an expert in Innovation, Technology Trends, IoT, Disruptive Technology, Sustainable Green Solutions, Future Proofing, Cyber Security, Web & Social Media marketing and services, as well as Virtual & Augmented reality services. He is a South African Entrepreneur, published Author and Keynote Speaker. Jean-Pierre has made millions off the Internet for his own company and his clients. Read about his services and more about him using the website menu.

Keynote Talks

Presentations perfect for events, conferences and workshops.

I tweak each presentation to meet the needs of the audience. I can also create custom keynote talks on request.


  • Lessons For the Future Thinker from the Coronavirus.
    Example on how different communities responded. How has this changed our Future World? What have we learnt? How can these lessons be applied at home, in communities, business and governments.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Digital Health.
    Tech bombardment, the effects on the quality of our life, how to deal with overwhelming digital input from devices, social media and more.
    30 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Smart Cities.
    What they are, predictions, technology involved, their importance for our future and how they will change our home and business.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Industry 4.0
    Innovation, The Internet of Things, automation, disruptive and emerging technologies, changes to the job market and way we trade.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Sustainable and Green Solutions.
    Types, alternative power, circular economy, available technology to help and how to future proof home and company.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Global Warming.
    Status, the plan, legislations, technologies part, and predictions. How communities and businesses will be effected.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • The Future Thinker.
    Who and what they are, mind-set, their role in shaping and leading the new world. A picture on what the Future World will be like.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Digital Frontier.
    Big data, AI, Digital Ethics, Block Chain, Device into Human integration, education, the office of tomorrow and upskilling the work force.
    35 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Trending Tech.
    New gadgets, AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, Clouds, Tech for home and business.
    25 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Banking of the future, digital money & currencies.
    Types, laws, the influence they will have on the world and businesses. How to be an early adopter.
    35 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • The Dark Side of the Cyber-World
    Types of digital cybercrime, cybercriminals, cyberbullies, digital abuse and threats. How to prepare.
    30 minutes, followed by Q&A
  • Digital Marketing.
    Tools available to dominate the digital world for business. SEO, PPC, Social Media, Online Reputation Management and more.
    40 minutes, followed by Q&A


Born in 1983 to a large family, raised in Cape Town, started his own company at the age of 16 and invoiced first million by age 19. Since then he has worked on countless projects covering no less than 300 types of industries in one way or another, travelled to over 40 cities world-wide, has a passion for business in Africa and is obsessed with the benefits of smart technology and the concept of a Future Thinker.

Jean-Pierreā€™s skillset are self-taught and the majority of projects he has been involved with have dominated their respective sectors and playing fields.

His experience covers Law, Marketing, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, Property, Alternative and Sustainable Energy, Green Solutions, Environmentalism, Events & Entertainment, Photography & Studios, Tourism, Business Management and Development, Education, App & Website Creation, Brand Building, Emerging and Trending Technology, VR, AR, and AI.

In addition, Jean-Pierre is involved with several outreach and charity projects at any given time.

Equipped with a unique style of dexterity, he understands the needs of a business in this ever changing world and craves space to share, learn and work with Future Thinkers.



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