Just Jinjer

Rock band - Cape Town and Johannesburg
Just Jinjer


Just Jinjer are one of the biggest rock band exports in South African history, having sold more that a quarter of a million albums, Just Jinjer is back in SA after being based in Los Angeles for the past 8 years.

Just Jinjer’s power and alluring appeal is fueled by well-honed and heartfelt musicality, a commitment to communication on a genuine emotional and cerebral level — music that touches the heart, body, mind and soul — and a dedication to their musical mission that is virtually unstoppable. Over the last decade, the band has performed and toured with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard among many others, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans in venues all around the world from the UK to Dubai.

Hailing from South Africa, contemporary rock outfit Just Jinjer is fiercely blazing a trail on the international radio and online download charts.

Just Jinjer’s story began in 1996 when the band was formed and it quickly gained a reputation as an amazing live act. Their live chemistry translated well in the studio, which was captured on their debut album called "All Comes Round". "All Comes Round" flew off the shelves, becoming the biggest selling rock album in South African history, with over 100,000 units sold, and the band experienced unheard of chart success. They suddenly found themselves drawing huge audiences, some in excess of 10,000 people.

The band entered the studio to record their second album titled "Something For Now", which went gold in 3 weeks in South Africa, providing numerous chart topping radio singles.

Just Jinjer


"Here’s To You", the band’s third album, won Just Jinjer critical acclaim as well as another chart success. "Strange World", their fourth CD, produced “top 5” radio singles and sold out countrywide tours in South Africa. Bootleg Album, released in 2004, dominated the airwaves as the band performed several arena shows with the Counting Crows and completed sold out tours of London and Dubai.

In 2006, Just Jinjer released their self-titled album Just Jinjer, featuring Grammy award-winning producer David Bianco. Tracks from the album held all top ten spots for MP3 downloads.. ‘What He Means’, the debut single from Just Jinjer, has captured several top spots on South African radio, including the No.1 spot for 10 weeks on the national charts, leading to three nominations for the prestigious 2007 South Africa Music Awards.

Just Jinjer are: Art Matthews, Brent Harris, Denholm Harding and Sandy Chila.

Just Jinjer is the biggest selling rock band in South African history, with over a quarter million units sold. Over the last decade, the band has performed and toured with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard among many others, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans in venues all around the World from the UK to Dubai, and released six critically acclaimed albums.


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