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Below you will find an alphabetical list of choices in your selected category. If you are looking for something specific <click here> for our search function or <click here> to contact us for a phone request or <here> for our quick quote form - also see <Cost Guidelines> and <Booking Process>

Alec Hogg | Keynote and Guest Speaker | Johannesburg

Alec Hogg is the person you're looking for – financial speaker that adds value to your conference/event.
Anne Dreyer Erasmus | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Durban

Image and personal branding......

With her warm personality and tangible style, she infects her audiences as she trains and inspires them.

Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob | MC and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

During Namibia’s transition to independence I was a member of the UN political team; produced and presented a daily radio programme and a weekly TV programme for the UN in Namibia.
Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob
Annie Coetzee | Motivational Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Annie’s absorbing interest in matters of the spirit, mind and body, have influenced a number of medical surgeons, such as Neuro-, Heart and Orthopaedic Specialists to assist her with advice and case-studies.
Anton Musgrave | Business and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Anton is Joint CEO of FutureWorld SA and a Partner in FutureWorld International, having joined the global FutureWorld network in 1991.

Arthur Goldstuck | Business and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Arthur Goldstuck is a South African journalist, media analyst and commentator on information and communications technology (ICT), internet and mobile communications and technologies.

Billy Selekane | Motivational Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Billy Selekane is an Author, Internationally acclaimed Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Personal, Team and Organizational Effectiveness Specialist.
Bonita Nuttall | Motivational Speaker and MC | Cape Town

TV Presenter, motivational speaker and celebrity MC, Bonita is best-known for her trademark “Rebelliously Good” stance that offers fresh perspectives on life. 
Brian Rogers | Keynote & Motivational Speaker | Cape Town

Brian Rogers is the co-founding trustee of a Non-Profit Trust dedicated to help South Africans become more resilient, trauma healing and emotional care
brian rogers
Buhle Dlamini | Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and MC | International

As a speaker Buhle never ceases to deliver a gripping and memorable experience with his genuine sense of humour, smile and great content.
Chantell Ilbury | Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

As one of this country's leading strategists & scenario planners, Chantell Ilbury has worked throughout Southern Africa and abroad, managing and facilitating strategic conversations for leading businesses.
Chris Reid | Corporate Speaker | Durban

Chris Reid is a trend researcher and speaker with a background in English and Brand Strategy.
Cindy Pivacic | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Cindy Pivacic is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, HIV Activist and IEC (Information-Education-Communication) Facilitator on HIV & AIDS.

Claudia Henkel | MC, Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

an ambassador for South Africa, as a spokesperson for POWA and HIV/AIDS and as a business woman in her own right - Claudia Henkel epitomises excellence
Clem Sunter | Keynote Speaker | Cape Town and Johannesburg

(Retired) Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund and author of 14 books, CLEM SUNTER is a renowned South African scenario planner.
Dale Hayes | Motivational Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Dale loves to laugh and over the years has perfected the golf clinic that leaves everyone in stitches. Watch him hit the ball 150 meters with a putter, laugh at his impersonations of the great golfers and be thrilled as his fast hands pull off shorts you simply won't believe possible.
Daniel Silke | Keynote and Political Speaker | Cape Town

Daniel Silke is an Independent Political Analyst and Keynote Speaker specialising in South African and International politics.
David Molapo | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Dr David Molapo was born at the height of the apartheid era, but has never allowed the bitterness of the past to dictate his future. "You are no longer a prisoner of your past, but a pioneer of your future"
David Pepler | Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

David Pepler is South Africa’s foremost natural historian and is known for his creation of Kyknet’s nature program Groen.
Debora Patta | Presenter and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Her 20 year career spans radio and television as both an on-air newswoman and a senior editorial manager.
Derek Watts | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Derek was voted the Best TV Presenter in South Africa in 2004/5/6/7, as well as winning the SAB Environmental Journalist Award and the Star Tonight Best Actuality Reporter award.
Deshun Deysel | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Deshun Deysel - best known as the only black female high altitude mountaineer in the world, Deshun has diverse experience in self–image psychology, business performance management, corporate social responsibility and conference facilitation. 
Devi Sankaree Govender | Investigative Journalist, Speaker and Facilitator | Johannesburg

Devi’s career highlights are interviewing the former president, late Nelson Mandela and joining the Carte Blanche team.
Devi Sankaree Govender
Douglas Kruger | MC and Speaker | Johannesburg

Douglas is the only person in Southern Africa to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times.
Dr. Gavin Symanowitz | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Dr. Gavin Symanowitz is a corporate keynote speaker and one of South Africa’s leading innovation thought leaders.
Dr. Gavin Symanowitz
Eddie Botes | Keynote and Motivational Speaker | Cape Town

Eddie Botes is a sought after International speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Change Artist

Edith Venter | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

In 1999, the inimitable Edith Venter traded in her social butterfly image and her obligations as an executive wife, for a high-tech laptop, and she has taken the business world by storm.

Edith Venter
Freek Robinson | Keynote, Business Speaker and Facilitator | Johannesburg

Freek Robinson presented linkups and programmes from international conferences such as the World Bank and IMF meetings

Fw De Klerk | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Mr De Klerk has been active on the international speaking circuit since his retirement from active politics in 1997.Mr De Klerk addresses audiences on a wide variety of topics, including: Economic and Political Prospects for South Africa (and Africa); The Management of Change.
Graeme Joffe | MC and Keynote Speaker | International

As an MC Graeme shares his experiences of his time spent with CNN. His manner is light hearted and he covers current sport news, sporting trivia and jokes.
Guy Lundy | Keynote and Business Speaker | Cape Town

Guy is Managing Director of Centric Consulting, a corporate strategy consultancy, and he has previously worked for international firms such as Ernst & Young, Oracle
Haydee Antezana | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Haydee Antezana, is an internationally certified personal development and enhancement specialist and co-author. She has 18 years of experience in the field of Impression Management.
Henning Gericke | Sports, Motivational, and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Dr. Henning Gericke is Team Psychologist for the Springbok Rugby Team and is in France with the team for the IRB Rugby World Cup 2007

Jannie Hofmeyr | Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Dr. Hofmeyr is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars internationally, e.g. Global Brand Forum (2004). In 1992, he was a guest lecturer at the Graduate School of Business

Jenny Crwys-Williams | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Jenny Crwys-Williams is one of the finest, best read, most entertaining and sauciest talk-show hosts in the country to date!
John Robbie | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

John Cameron Robbie is a former Ireland international rugby union player who played scrum half, and a well-known radio presenter in South Africa on Talk radio 702.
Jonathan Payne | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Durban

Jonathan Payne - Durban - The people who work with you to deliver your business goals need more than skills. They need for instance:  Enthusiasm, Vision, Motivation, Drive and Confidence
JP Naude | MC and Sports Speaker | Cape Town

MC and Speaker, JP Naude is a former radio presenter now on TV.
JP Naude
JP Landman | Keynote and Political Speaker | Johannesburg

JP Landman is a self-employed political and trend analyst. He consults to SA's largest Private wealth business, BoE Private Clients, and works with several SA corporates on future scenario trends. His focus areas are trends in politics, economics and social capital.

Justin Cohen | Motivational Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Justin Cohen is the author of nine books. He speaks and trains internationally. Justin’s areas of expertise are in motivation, sales, customer satisfaction, leadership and change. He has an honours degree in Psychology.
Karen Kelly | Business and Keynote Speaker | Port Elizabeth

Karen Kelly is an Internationally Qualified Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Business Coach, based in Port Elizabeth.
Ken Annandale | Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Tough times call for tough measures. Organisation and individuals around South Africa are seeking solutions to the economic down-turn. From revised strategies to restructuring. From relocation to knee-jerk reaction.

Kevin Woods | Guest and Keynote Speaker | Durban

Kevin will try to inspire you to take an introspective look at your own life, your careers, and your aspirations and ambitions. Hopefully he will motivate you to new heights, far removed from emotions such as self-pity and depression;
Kyla de Vlieg | MC and Motivational Speaker | Johannesburg

Kyla has a passion for personal growth and development, an arena she has been studying for over twenty years.

Kyla De Vlieg
Khanyi Magubane | Keynote and Motivational Speaker | Johannesburg

Khanyi Magubane is a talented,energetic broadcaster, writer, poet, journalist, event MC and social commentator

Lance Bloch | Keynote Speaker and Facilitator | Johannesburg

Internationally acknowledged corporate trainer, management consultant and clinical psychologist Lance Bloch, MD of Lance Bloch & Associates for the past 8 years is a strong all-rounder.
Leanne Manas | Keynote Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

In addition to her media career, Leanne also supports many charities, doing work for the Topsy Foundation and Child Welfare, amongst others. She is also a 46664 Ambassador, working closely with HIV/AIDS initiatives.
Lumka Msibi | MC, Motivational, Keynote & Guest Speaker | Cape Town

Lumka Msibi is a trailblazing award winning Rocket Scientist.

Lumka Msibi
Matthew Buckland | Business and Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Named as one of “SA’s top 100 most influential media and advertising people” (The Annual), Matthew has worked on the web literally from its inception.

Max Price | Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Max Price is the vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Mike Schussler | Keysnote Speaker and Economist | Johannesburg

He has been awarded the South African economist of the year - twice. Mike invented and maintains the Provincial Barometers which have been widely published and give insight into economic conditions on a regional basis – the first and only such indices in South Africa
Musa Kalenga | Guest and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Musa Kalenga is probably what Kwame Nkrumah had in mind when Ghana first won its freedom.
Neil Andrews | Keynote Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Neil Andrews does freelance work as Master of Ceremonies, Celebrity Host, Services and Guest Speaker with great success.
Neil Jacobsohn | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Neil has reported from around the world for major newspapers and magazines, and has been widely published on a range of issues from business to politics, technology, society, travel, entertainment, wine and food.
Palesa Makanda | Business Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Palesa Makanda has extensive experience developing SMEs which includes both funding entrepreneurs as well as providing non-financial support with multi-national companies.
Palesa Makanda
Peter van Kets | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | East London

Peter van Kets is special and so is his presentation.  Peter is the current S.A. OutThere Adventurer of the Year (2011).
Pierre du Plessis | Trend and Keynote Speaker | Pretoria

Pierre is a flâneur, he saunters about observing trends, the flow of culture, and the pace of the world. He has worked in advertising, fashion, and trends for the last 15 years.
Pierre du Plessis
Raymond De Villiers | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Raymond De Villiers is corporate international key note speaker focusing on digital natives.
Regine le Roux | Keynote Speaker, Reputation Management | Cape Town

Regine le Roux is a dynamic energetic businesswoman, who thrives on looking after companies’ reputations.
Regine le Roux
Robin Banks | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Robin Banks is South Africa’s leading authority on Mind Power and a highly-sought after international speaker.
Robin Wheeler | Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Robin Wheeler is a leading business thinker, transformation specialist, speaker and author of the INSIGHTS series of books.
Roelof Botha | Business and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Roelof Botha is a venture capitalist and company director.

Ruda Landman | Keynote Speaker and MC | Johannesburg

Ruda Co hosted the Carte Blanch Show with Derek Watts between 1988 – 2007.

Seanaphoka Tsapi | Author, Motivation, Sales, Keynote & Corporate Inspirational Speaker | Johannesburg

Seanaphoka Tsapi, mostly referred to as Tsapi is a rising star in the Speaking Circuit. Author of the book: “The Greatness In You”

Seanaphoka Tsapi
Shaun Liedthe | Business and Marketing Speaker | Johannesburg

The majority of Shaun’s schooling was undertaken in the USA, but Shaun studied marketing at the AAA School of Advertising

Shaun Liedthe
Simon Ekin | Speaker of Courage | Cape Town

“Doing what you say gets you what you want™” has become a guiding philosophy both for Simon and the work that he does with people.

simon ekin
Tendai Mhizha | Business and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Tendai is a very flexible speaker and has the rare ability of being able to read, understand, internalise and present any type of business and social material quickly due to her strategic mind and experience.
Tim Noakes | Sports and Keynote Speaker | Cape Town

Noakes was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1949 and moved to South Africa at the age of five. As a young boy his main sporting interest was cricket.
Tim Thabethe | Keynote, Motivational, Conference Speaker, MC and Presenter | Cape Town

Tim Thabethe Well known for his position as anchor host of OFM’s weekday breakfast radio show “The Breakfast Club”, Tim has been in commercial radio for 16 years.
Tim Thabethe
Tumi Frazier | Keynote and Inspirational Speaker | Johannesburg

Tumi Frazier is one of those women who believe they can make a real difference in Africa through their efforts to uplift, motivate, inspire and develop other women into powerful leaders for change on the continent.

Yvonne Johnston | Business and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Yvonne Johnston, Marketer-at-Large - is a leading communication strategist, based in Johannesburg.
Zelda la Grange | Motivational and Keynote Speaker | Johannesburg

Zelda was officially appointed one of President Nelson Mandela’s three private secretaries in 1997 and, upon his retirement in May 1999, President Nelson Mandela requested Zelda to remain in his service.
Zelda le Grange

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