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The dynamic Koldproduk Band offers a musical experience that is fueled by a genuine belief in bringing about a positive change in those around them. Their creative and divergent talents come together powerfully, and whatever type of music you claim to enjoy, you will find it here in a hybrid that boldly goes where other bands wish they had gone first.

They fuse Hip hop with pop, dance, R&B, soul, electro music, reggae plus Drum & Bass and the result is music that is as eclectic and as colourful as their live show. Their debut album “All Under Heaven” in 2007 was testimony to their versatility, and their newest offering, “Prepare To Rise” is an even bolder collection of high energy singles and complex lyrical dimension.

They are releasing their long-awaited, double disc and dvd album “Prepare To Rise” in August. It’s got five music videos, plus twenty six episodes of step-by-step Hip hop dance and scratch series. Get some.

Their music videos have earned the group various awards and nominations, which have also established them fans internationally, thanks to retail platforms like iTunes. All of this music is released through their independent record label, Uproot Records.

It’s no surprise that international brands like Nokia Music Store and Levi’s Eyewear have partnered with them, or that they are amongst the brand ambassadors for DC Shoes.



We describe our sound as an ecclectic blend of Hip hop, R&B, soul, alternative rock, reggae, roots reggae, and it incorporates various types of rap. You see, Koldproduk is no longer coming: Koldproduk is already here.

Moki Sage is the lead vocalist in Koldproduk, whose punchy deliveries and hypnotically catchy melodies have developed this artiste into a lyrical machine.

Female vocalist, T*Spark, delivers sensuous R&B and soul elements in her music as well as unforgettable pop hooks.

DJ Soosh is heavily involved in the art of turntablism (using the turntable as a musical instrument) and this makes him more than just a DJ who just plays music but also a musician in his own right.

Jason Hinch is originally a jazz drummer, and he honed his hip-hop chops by imitating computer-programmed drum parts on traditional acoustic drum kits. Today, he kills everything from Drum 'n Bass to R&B. This boy hits hard and will get you dancing.

Kevy G is a career musician who is qualified at degree level in the art of music. His experience with professional stage production makes him invaluable to the band, and he’s a merciless killer the keyboard!

Chad Cohen is the band’s bad-boy rock-star guitarist. He’s played in some of SA's top ranking festivals and has worked on many projects alongside great musicians, including several full length studio albums and EP's.


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