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“Lection”, born Thebe Lekhonkhobe in North West Mahikeng, and is a Motswako artist who duos as a producer for his material with the assistance of Thasman Tsotetsi. Lection joined the Motswako rap ethos in his early twenties and his musical voyage does not only paint a picture of a dedicated and hard working person but someone who trusts in his talent and is working to make it work.

Lection’s talents have made him a might to be reckoned with in the Motswako/Hip Hop industry where he is a main item on the line up of almost every event organizer, club owner and manager. It is not easy to look away when Lection takes stage; as you listen to the beat that defines this distinctive artist; the underlining strings that make him the perfect Motswako artist and notice the outstanding live performance that he puts out on stage.

Lection is one multi talented young man; not only is he a skillful Motswako rapper and producer, he is also a designer and a choreographer As many artist rush to the stage, pulling the mic and fighting for the spotlight, it becomes hard to identify a true talent but this circumstances has never limited the skills and talents of a unique artist. He’s music is a combination of all top selling and prevalent genres in South Africa, thus he calls it Cap City Krunk.

Cap City Krunk is sub genre of Motswako and movement that permits an artist to be versatile in their own dialects. Cap City is the leading capital of South Africa which is also known as Tshwane-Pretoria, the city which has all eleven official languages spoken fluently and this where lection has expanded his musical skills in reach out and creating music which is agreeable to individuals from all walks of life, the old and new generation.



On Stage, as a hip hop artist, lection is unlike all other artist if you listen to the rest of the album you will find out, he’s not precisely doing hip hop only he created a sub genre under a very much current sub genre which is Motswako. He’s music is a mixture of all top selling and popular genres in South Africa, thus he calls it Cap City Krunk.

Lection is representation of success and a great mind within which he expressed through his music. Lection is known for his infamous stage performance; first of all he doesn’t repeat his sets; All of lections sets have one thing in common...they all are crowd pleasers and co-operative with the audience.

Lection had to be assured with his skills, abilities and professional exercises; which took him on a journey of recording and working with other artist in the industry, he believe that an artist has to go through some sort of a break-through for them to start materializing.

What he say on his tracks has to relate to whatever is going on in your community, life and so forth, so basically he was going through a lot of stages in terms of production(s)and musically.

Well the creativity never stops, he keeps on adding track on top existing track to improve the standard of his music in addition he’s one person who believes in an independent mind that see’s and plans ahead.


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