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Line Dancers


Here's a popular supplement to virtually evening centered on good, old fashioned fun!

Our line dancing teams can be linked to practically any function or theme, from the formal Black tie evening to the ever popular Barn dance, and would normally be booked for an hour or two of excursion from the evening's main theme. It has indeed become a popular trend amongst our clients to mix the evening with a combination of square dancing (as we have come to know at Barn dance functions with Line dancing.

The difference? Loosely described, Barn dancing requires group participation in which the guests dance through arches, in circles, arm in arm, leg in…leg out, whereas line dancing, while still requiring the group's participation is more of an individual effort – who can forget the Macarana.

Line Dances began sometime around BC. As far as I have been able to determine from research, line dancing in one form or another has been around since recorded time

What we do today evolved from the old "Contra" dances that were very popular in the New England States from the early 1800's

Contra style dances are still popular but in a slightly different form. In the 1800's two lines would form, men on one side, women on the other. The partners would join between the two lines and generally do their own routine down the middle. When they reached the end of the lines, they parted and moved back into their respective lines and the next couple would begin. The "Stroll" from back in the 1940's is a good example of this style of dance. If you saw the movie "Grease", you saw the "Stroll" being done by John Travolta.


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