Lundi Tyamara

Gospel and Solo Musician - Johannesburg
Lundi Tyamara


Lundi Tyamara has made headlines for years, sometimes good and sometimes not, but this year the young singing sensation plans to give the gospel community a real shake-up. Tyamara has teamed up with gospel guru producer Sizwe Zako and the two plan to create and produce the hottest selling album the country has ever seen!

Lundi’s musical journey began as a backing singer for the great Rebecca Malope and while doing so was noticed by producer Tshepo Nzimande. Immediately spotting Lundi’s great potential, Tshepo set out to help Lundi launch his first ever solo album.

SAMA and Kora award winning artist, Lundi Tyamara boasts a long and colourful musical history since the release of his first multi-platinum selling album “Mphefumulo Wami”. Lundi’s story is one of great triumph and success, and despite battling many hardships during his career he still remains the prince of gospel.

Recent Article:

I'm not quite sure how to take Lundi. His nervous body language suggests Sca-rreeaming Queen!. It also suggests that he has an inherent distrust of humanity. Yet, when he sings, there is little doubt that the spirit of the Lord has entered his tiny body.

Lundi Tyamara


Lundi says it is because God put him on earth to perform.

"My latest album is doing very well. I'm lucky. It's not easy after all the bad things I have done like the drugs and the alcohol. But my fans still love me. That shows that God has sent me to do this. I know I am the best in the country but you know how sensitive Christians can be.

"I knew I would be famous because when I sang on the streets of Worcester people would give me money and ask why I don't sing for Rebecca."

"But I am tired. I want to retire when I'm 30. I want to go back home in Worcester and open up a business that has nothing to do with the music industry. It's not that I am stressed, I want to give others a chance. Also I don't want a young guy to come and take me out.

"When Tina Turner retired her voice was still good, she was still looking good. Can you imagine me at 40 with this voice?"

He suddenly throws his head in his hands and starts shaking: "I can't. I can't."

Oops! It does appear to be tough at the top. But this 28-year-old who looks like a boy of 15 was definitely born to be famous. He is unbelievably talented. His live performances are an incredibly emotional experience for fans as well as himself.


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