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Mariano Santos


Mariano Santos is a DJ and music producer with over 31 years of experience and for the last 10 years, he has been involved in an endless world tour that has included stops in Egypt, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Austria, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Perú, Hungary, Chile, Colombia and other countries.

Owner of his own record labels: Santos Recordings, MCS Records & VOL0101 Records, as well as taking part in more than 45 different labels in which the vinyl format is distinguished beside Vi Två Records - Berlin, Germany and an edited CD set with 20,000 CD’s in the market which was published in the magazine “Freeze MGZ” (Greek Edition).

He also has his own weekly radioshow called “Mariano Santos Global Radio Show” where he could be heard in over 86 radio stations and music sites worldwide. He was also the creator of the mythical and no longer in service online radio station: ADNalternative.

Mariano Santos has shared the DJ booth with the following DJ’s:
Dave The Drumer (UK), Trysh (France), Xpansul (España), Mateo and Spirit (Hungary), Superflu (Germany), UMEK (Slovenia), Luis Flores (Mexico), Dandi & Hugo (Italy), Carlos Ruiz (Agentina), Felipe Venegas Chile), Matthew Hoag (Slovenia), Luis Flores (Mexico), Sergio Athos (Argentina), Diego Mystick (Colombia), Many Senent (España), Aleja Gonzalez (Colombia), Funny G (Greece), Adrian Hour (Arg), Mirus Love (Norway), Antonio Fragoozo (Mexico), PremiumOne (Turkey), Roland Handrick (Hungary), Philipp Carreires (Brazil), The Arquitek (Colombia), Manny Suarez (USA), Itech (Turkey), DJBebo (Egypt), Liapezz (Greece), Danny Jeff (Greece), Spirit (Hungary), George Ohara (Peru), Magneticx DJ (Turkey), Mateo (Hungary), Jaco, Fernando Picon (Uruguay), Pablo Valentino, 2Robots, Alex Young (Colombia),Rey Santiago (Puerto Rico), Ignacio Demaria (USA), Sence (Hungria),Tarkan (Turkey), Diego Corbijn, Gabriel Floriani, Carlos Illera (Colombia), Mariano Anchorena, DJ Polak, Hernan Paredes, Maria Paz (Colombia), Nick Lay, Massimo (USA), Erick Jungbluth (Peru), Sidama (Spain), Flor Martinez, Joe Fisher, Alejandro Rado, Maxx, DMA, Andres Anaya (Colombia), Vanina Buniack, Nicolas Rocchia, Pato Rapa, Fernando Engerlberg, and much more...

These are some of the events and clubs where he has participated:
Super Size (Rennes, France), WhiteCity Festival (Popayan, Colombia), Jays Garden Party - Under the tree 2 (Szolnok, Hungary), Bahrein (Buenos Aires), Nino Club (Giza,Egypt), K2 Soundclub (Feldkirch, Austria), Privilege Club (Bogota, Colombia), Chocolate (Mar del Plata, ARG), CLUB TEMPLE (Istanbul, Turkey), Barem (Medellin, Colombia), Cosmo Club (Sofia, Bulgaria), Cinema (Bogota, Colombia), Lanzamiento de Campaña NIKE ¨V is for Victory¨, Palacio Concha, Santiago (Chile), Pinar de Rocha (Buenos Aires, ARG), Mansion Club (Medellin, Colombia), Wild Club (Medellin,Colombia), Zuk Club (Orinhos, Brazil), Ertekin Club (Istanbul, Turkey), Envy (Medellin, Colombia), Naja Bar (Patra - Greece), Sonar Rave Festival (Bucaramanga. Colombia), Super Club (Neuquen, Argentina), Technito a mi Barrio (x4) (Bello, Colombia), Republica Club (Santa Catarina, Brazil), LOV Club (Bogota, Colombia), Blanco Teras (Istanbul, Turkey), Aktiv Radio FM (Szonlok, Hungary), Love Parade 20 10 tribute (Armenia, Colombia), Bar Mi Pais (Bucaramanga, Colombia), Barmacy (Ios, Greece), Royal CC Washington (Barranquilla, Colombia), Blue Moon (Cúcuta, Colombia), Instereo 1, Instereo 2, Instereo 3, Instereo 4 (Quilmes, Buenos Aires ARG), White Room (Palermo Hollywodd, Bs As), Cero Radical (Bello, Colombia), Xantino Bar (Quilmes), Blues Bar (Lincoln), Forum (Centro de Eventos)(Medellin, Colombia), Jackos Bar (Palermo Hollywodd, Bs As), Subsound Day (Quilmes, BsAs),Aniversity (whit Skyland Agency), CC Royal Washington (Barranquilla,Colombia), Elektroshok (Quilmes/BsAs/Lincoln), ADNalternative Tour (Junin, Bs As), La Esquina (Lincoln, Bs As), Personal Night (Palermo Hollywodd, Bs As), San Diego (Bucaramanga, Colmbia), Anubis (Quilmes, Bs As), Electro Lounge (Palermo Hollywodd, Bs As), Iguana Bar (Quilmes - Bs As) - Elsieland (Quilmes - Bs As), Franklin (Villa Urquiza - Bs As), Electro Lounge (Palermo Hollywodd, Bs As), Chill Out (Pinto - Bs As), Fabrika Disco Loft (Lincoln - Bs As), Egoo Disco (Lincoln - Bs As), Nativa (Lincon - Bs As), Sabor Pizza Bar (Lincoln - Bs As), Cascanueces (Los Toldos - Bs As), Mixto Disco (Lincoln - Bs As), Olaf Disco ( La Calera - Cordoba ARG) and much more...

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