Mark Grobbelaar

Keynote Speaker - Johannesburg
Mark Grobbelaar


At the age of nine Mark Grobbelaar began karate. He holds a 6th Dan, as well as provincial and national colours, he has over 40 years of experience in his field and is founder of a revolutionary concept to give women their power back.

“The course of my life changed after a friend of mine, Alison, was abducted outside her home, raped, her throat slit 16 times, disembowled and left for dead almost 24 years ago,” he says. “Alison and I met in London before the attack and reconnected, where we spoke about her ordeal.”

“I realised that she had made some bad choices because she just didn’t know any better, she didnt know all the options and didn’t know “The rules” , I wrote a thesis for my 5th Dan grading on “Self-defence for Wome”. Alison contacted me after reading my thesis and said that if she had done what was suggested, she would never have gone through her ordeal.”

Thus Women INpowered(WIP) was born. WIP is not “self-defence” as understood by most people, which is totally useless if you are not prepared to invest the many hours of training that is required.

WIP is an extremely simple, easy-to learn yet devastatingly effective self-INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for Women to give them the ability to make a choice when they find themselves in a threatening situation.

There are only three things you can do which are the only three human reactions to trauma.

Fight , Flight or Freeze.

While fighting is an art and cannot be taught in a short period of time through WIP a woman will believe that she has the capability to immobilize any one no matter her size strength or level of athletic ability We also discuss various theoretical concepts, by understanding these simple concepts; we believe that most dangerous situations can be avoided.

Miss Universe Demi Leigh accredits WIP to being alive after she was in an attempted high-jacking shortly after completing the program.

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