South African Motivational Speakers

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & Other

Who to Book

Abner Mariri

Abner MaririMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Abner Mariri is an educationalist, peacemaker, management consultant, as well as a professional speaker and Hollywood performer.

Anne Dreyer Erasmus

Anne Dreyer ErasmusMotivational and Keynote SpeakerDurban

Image and personal branding... With her warm personality and tangible style, she infects her audiences as she trains and inspires them.

Annie Coetzee

Annie CoetzeeMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Annie’s absorbing interest in matters of the spirit, mind and body, have influenced a number of medical surgeons, such as Neuro-, Heart and Orthopaedic Specialists to assist her with advice and case-studies.

Barry Hilton

Barry HiltonComedian, MC and Motivational SpeakerWestern Cape

Barry Hilton A celebrity for sure, Performing his original brand of South African humour, his sell-out shows are proof of his popularity as “the cleanest” comedian in the country.

Benita Levin

Benita LevinRadio Personality, Motivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Benita Levin, Radio DJ on Highveld 94.7. Benita is a MC or motivational speaker.

Billy Selekane

Billy SelekaneMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Billy Selekane is an Author, Internationally acclaimed Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Personal, Team and Organizational Effectiveness Specialist.

Bonita Nuttall

Bonita NuttallMotivational Speaker and MCNew Zealand

TV Presenter, motivational speaker and celebrity MC, Bonita is best-known for her trademark “Rebelliously Good” stance that offers fresh perspectives on life.

Braam Malherbe

Braam MalherbeMotivational Speaker and MCCape Town

He’s a conservationist, environmental activist, youth developer, motivational speaker, TV Presenter, extreme adventurer and author of the best seller “ The Great Run”

Bruce Fordyce

Bruce FordyceMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

In addition to having written two books about the Comrades Marathon, Fordyce was also a sports columnist for various newspapers and magazines. He is also a motivational speaker and the Chief Executive Officer of the South African Sports Trust.

Buhle Dlamini

Buhle DlaminiMotivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and MCInternational

As a speaker Buhle never ceases to deliver a gripping and memorable experience with his genuine sense of humour, smile and great content.

Cecile Wiltshire

Cecile WiltshireSpeaker and FacilitatorJohannesburg

Cecile Wiltshire is a professional Speaker, Facilitator and Certified Executive and Business Coach.

Chester Williams

Chester WilliamsCelebrity Sportsman and Motivational SpeakerCape Town

Chester is perhaps the most popular of all the Springboks, winning fans on the field with his high work rate and off the field through his work in development rugby.

Cindy Pivacic

Cindy PivacicMotivational and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

Cindy Pivacic is a Speaker, Trainer, Author, HIV Activist and IEC (Information-Education-Communication) Facilitator on HIV & AIDS.

Corne Ferreira

Corne FerreiraBusiness, Marketing and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Corne made his first Million at age 24, before age 25 founder/Group Exec Chair.

Criselda Kananda

Criselda KanandaMC, Motivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Criselda Kananda is a mother, Radio and Television Presenter, dynamic business woman, Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, Professional Counselor, Former Nurse and medical underwriter.

Davey Du Plessis

Davey Du PlessisAdventurer, Motivational SpeakerCape Town

Davey shares his experiences and stories within the contexts of his life and understanding of human potential.

David Molapo

David MolapoMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Dr David Molapo was born at the height of the apartheid era, but has never allowed the bitterness of the past to dictate his future. "You are no longer a prisoner of your past, but a pioneer of your future"

Delta The Leo

Delta The LeoSinger, DJ, MC, Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Delta The Leo is a young female all-round entertainer. This young woman is a singer/rapper, lyricist, two time world champion dancer, DJ, MC and motivational speaker.

Deshun Deysel

Deshun DeyselMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Deshun Deysel - best known as the only black female high altitude mountaineer in the world, Deshun has diverse experience in self–image psychology, business performance management, corporate social responsibility and conference facilitation.

Derek Watts

Derek WattsMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Derek was voted the Best TV Presenter in South Africa in 2004/5/6/7, as well as winning the SAB Environmental Journalist Award and the Star Tonight Best Actuality Reporter award.

Eddie Botes

Eddie BotesKeynote and Motivational SpeakerCape Town

Eddie Botes is a sought after International speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Change Artist

Elana Meyer

Elana MeyerMotivational Speaker and MCCape Town

Through her foundation, Elana Meyer is responsible for implementing education programs which promote physical health, emotional well-being and personal achievement in underserved communities.

Fanie De Villiers

Fanie De VilliersMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

A popular player, de Villiers was known by the nickname Vinnige Fanie.

Fw De Klerk

Fw De KlerkMotivational and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

Mr De Klerk has been active on the international speaking circuit since his retirement from active politics in 1997.Mr De Klerk addresses audiences on a wide variety of topics, including: Economic and Political Prospects for South Africa (and Africa); The Management of Change.

Gary Bailey

Gary BaileyCelebrity Sportsman, MC and Motivational SpeakerInternational

He currently works for Supersport TV (and has done for the last 20 years) as a guest and presenter, and is a professional speaker offering exciting and motivational talks on the 2010 World Cup.

Gcina Mhlophe

Gcina MhlopheMotivational Speaker and MCDurban

After a business brief, Gcina then creates her stories around the company’s needs. The stories message can vary from teamwork and commitment to dealing with complacency and negativity.

Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon

Gerry Rantseli-ElsdonGuest Speaker and MCJohannesburg

As a motivational speaker Gerry Rantseli now has the opportunity to share her inspirational story with women of all walks of life – in so doing encouraging them to reach for, and touch the stars!

Glenda Wendy Shuttleworth

Glenda Wendy ShuttleworthMotivational Speaker and FacilitatorJohannesburg

Glenda Wendy is particularly adept at developing leaders and facilitating change at every level in an organisation and managing all talent development.

Gwenythe Seymour

Gwenythe SeymourMotivational and Guest SpeakerDurban

Gwenythe Seymour is vibrant, informative & amusing with tailor made talks that are highly interactive and combine the delicate art of communicating and informing.

Haydee Antezana

Haydee AntezanaMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Haydee Antezana, is an internationally certified personal development and enhancement specialist and co-author. She has 18 years of experience in the field of Impression Management.

Henning Gericke

Henning GerickeSports, Motivational, and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

Dr. Henning Gericke is Team Psychologist for the Springbok Rugby Team and is in France with the team for the IRB Rugby World Cup 2007.

Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse

Sipho “Hotstix” MabuseSinger, Musican and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

One of South Africa’s proudest musical treasures who loves his country as much as he does performing.

Ian Thomas

Ian ThomasMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

IAN THOMAS IS A RARE PERSON- a business graduate who has studied lions at close quarters during 20 years as a game ranger in Africa.

Irit Noble

Irit NobleComic, Singer and MCJohannesburg and Cape Town

Award-winning musical comedienne Irit Noble is a singer, comic and MC deluxe! From being the Diva MC of Madame Zingara, to the Sun City Super Bowl to nation-wide appearances, her parodies of popular songs and spot-on humor about everyday life are renowned.

Jenny Crwys-Williams

Jenny Crwys-WilliamsMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Jenny Crwys-Williams is one of the finest, best read, most entertaining and sauciest talk-show hosts in the country to date!

Jo-Ann Strauss

Jo-Ann StraussMotivational Speaker and MCCape Town

Seriously against apathy, child abuse, ignorance and corruption, Jo Ann is well known on the charity circuit and involved in Mzansi-Afrika and various business ventures and corporate social investment projects.

Joel Stransky

Joel StranskyMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Former SA, Natal & Western Province Stand-off. Started off as a promising fly-half in Pretoria, before starring in the 1990 Natal team that clinched the Currie Cup for the first time in their history.

John Tibane

John TibaneBusiness and Motivational SpeakerPretoria

He holds a BA in Medicine and Surgery, as well as a diploma in Business Management and Executive Development.

Johnny Clegg

Johnny CleggMotivational Speaker and MusicianJohannesburg

JOHNNY CLEGG, born in Rochdale, England in 1953 was raised in his mother's native land of Zimbabwe before immigrating to South Africa at the age of nine.

John Walland

John WallandMC, Motivational Speaker and DJJohannesburg

John worked on 5FM as a sports presenter and later on 94.7 Highveld Stereo and worked with Alex Jay as his Sport's Anchor.

Jonathan Payne

Jonathan PayneMotivational and Keynote SpeakerDurban

The people who work with you to deliver your business goals need more than skills. They need for instance: Enthusiasm, Vision, Motivation, Drive and Confidence.

Jonty Rhodes

Jonty RhodesSports Speaker, Motivational Speaker and MCCape Town

Rhodes made his first List A appearance for the team in 1995, in a game against Sussex.

Justin Cohen

Justin CohenMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Justin Cohen is the author of nine books. He speaks and trains internationally. Justin’s areas of expertise are in motivation, sales, customer satisfaction, leadership and change. He has an honours degree in Psychology.

Kabelo Mabalane

Kabelo MabalaneHip Hop and Gospel Musician, Motivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Kabelo is an inspirational celebrity that most brands would be proud to be associated with. After recovering from drug abuse some eight years ago, he has now found happiness.

Karen Kelly

Karen KellyBusiness and Keynote SpeakerPort Elizabeth

Karen Kelly is an Internationally Qualified Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Business Coach, based in Port Elizabeth.

Karl Smith

Karl SmithSpeaker and TrainerCape Town

His presentations are highly motivating and real examples are made based on his extensive of experience as a manager, executive, arbitrator, coach and entrepreneur.

Kass Naidoo

Kass NaidooMC, Presenter and SpeakerJohannesburg

Kass is passionate about sport and South Africa, and fulfilled a personal ambition in 2003, when she became South Africa’s first female cricket commentator.

Katy Katopodis

Katy KatopodisRadio Personality, MC and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

I am however completely passionate about the ocean and hope to one day live near the sea.

Ken Annandale

Ken AnnandaleKeynote SpeakerCape Town

Tough times call for tough measures. Organisation and individuals around South Africa are seeking solutions to the economic down-turn. From revised strategies to restructuring. From relocation to knee-jerk reaction.

Kenni Gambo

Kenni GamboMotivational and Business SpeakerCape Town

Motivator, community builder, and Author, Kenni Gambo has trained and coached sales and client service people across Africa.

Kevin Woods

Kevin WoodsGuest and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Kevin will try to inspire you to take an introspective look at your own life, your careers, and your aspirations and ambitions. Hopefully he will motivate you to new heights, far removed from emotions such as self-pity and depression.

Kobus Wiese

Kobus WieseMotivational Speaker and MCCape Town

Although a fearsome presence on the field, Kobus Wiese is a sought-after Master of Ceremony and public speaker who uses his experiences on the field to demonstrate how motivation and team spirit are essential to success of any kind.

Leanne Manas

Leanne ManasKeynote Speaker and MCJohannesburg

In addition to her media career, Leanne also supports many charities, doing work for the Topsy Foundation and Child Welfare, amongst others. She is also a 46664 Ambassador, working closely with HIV/AIDS initiatives.

Lebo Mashile

Lebo MashileGuest Speaker and MCJohannesburg

In her work as a life skills facilitator for adolescents – focusing on topics like gender issues, teamwork and sexuality – poetry has been her preferred medium.

Lorna Maseko

Lorna MasekoMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Lorna has worked on an entertainment programme called Afro Showbiz News, and is now a Top Billing Presenter.

Louie Ludick

Louie LudickMotivational and Business SpeakerJohannesburg

Louie specializes in Skills training, Coaching and Motivational speaking. He has a passion for people, the development of individuals and teams.

Lumka Msibi

Lumka MsibiMC, Motivational, Keynote & Guest SpeakerCape Town

Lumka Msibi is a trailblazing award winning Rocket Scientist.

Mamikie Molapo

Mamikie MolapoMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Dr Mamikie Serobatse Molapo (JHB) Dr. Mamikie Molapo is a professional speaker, trainer and educationalist and an Inspirational Speaker and a Management Consultant. Mamikie is a recognized expert in the field of women and children issues.

Marco Broccardo

Marco BroccardoMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Marco is the CEO of Eurocom, a specialist mobile marketing company that was founded in 2006. He was awarded the Top Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 8th annual African Access National Business Awards for 2010.

Marks Maponyane

Marks MaponyaneSports and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Former Kaizer Chiefs,Pirates and Bafana Bafana striker Marks Maponyane.

Mary-Ann Shearer

Mary-Ann ShearerMotivational Speaker and MCCape Town

Mary-Ann has developed a program that has produced astounding results both in her family and friends.

Mike Schussler

Mike SchusslerKeynote Speaker and EconomistJohannesburg

He has been awarded the South African economist of the year - twice. Mike invented and maintains the Provincial Barometers which have been widely published and give insight into economic conditions on a regional basis – the first and only such indices in South Africa.

Monique Strydom

Monique StrydomMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Monique is the recipient of the numerous awards including the prestigious Newsmaker of the Year Award and The White Ribbon Award.

Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu

Noeleen Maholwana SangquMC and PresenterJohannesburg

Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu is the host of the popular television show 3 Talk and a director of the HIRS Women’s Development Consultancy.She is also a consultant in marketing, public relations and strategy and is a personal executive development consultant to key Government Ministers.

Oscar von Memerty

Oscar von MemertyComical Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Oscar discovered a thrilling talent for hip hop and developed a powerful and unique style of motivational speaking and stand-up comedy.

Palesa Mosiea

Palesa MosieaMotivational speaker and MCFree State

Palesa Mosiea decided to change the negativity she experienced growing up and being teased for her skin colour, into a positive. She has used the life story to inspire and motivate others.

Patricia Glyn

Patricia GlynMotivational SpeakerCape Town

Patricia Glyn is a familiar face and voice to South African audiences, having been in broadcasting for 15 years.

Peter van Kets

Peter van KetsMotivational and Keynote SpeakerEast London

Peter van Kets is special and so is his presentation. Peter is the current S.A. OutThere Adventurer of the Year (2011).

Ricky De Agrela

Ricky De AgrelaMotivational SpeakerInternational

Freedom Flight is the inspiring story of the world record setting microlight expedition which spanned five continents in under a year. Faced with apparently insurmountable obstacles and fears, the pilot.

Roland Gaspar

Roland GasparComedian, MC and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Roland is frequently seen on screens across the nation in commercials for brands like Makro, MiWay, General Motors and others.

Rolene Strauss

Rolene StraussMC and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Rolene Strauss is a South African model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss South Africa 2014 and in December the same year won Miss World 2014 in London.

Rodger Knowles

Rodger KnowlesSpeaker and TrainerDurban

He has extensive life and business experience. Having dealt with massive ‘dis-connection’ in the practice of law he has seen the results of poor communication skills at all levels. He has a passion, and a talent for, effective communication.

Ryan Stramrood

Ryan StramroodMotivational SpeakerCape Town

Ryan's story is for any audience seeking powerful inspiration, great entertainment and positive motivation in their careers and/or life.

Ryk Neethling

Ryk NeethlingSports and Motivational SpeakerCape Town

Ryk Neethling is one of the most successful swimmers in history to compete for the University of Arizona and the Republic of South Africa.

Samantha Galliet

Samantha GallietMotivational SpeakerCape Town

When Samantha Galliét was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form Breast cancer at 29, her medical aid refused to pay for a new treatment.

Sibusiso Vilane

Sibusiso VilaneMotivational Speaker and AdventurerNelspruit

Sibusiso is an accomplished and popular motivational speaker who encourages all people to attempt their own Everest.

Sihle Bolani

Sihle BolaniMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

Ms Bolani is also considered one of South Africa’s urban influencers, with brands regularly approaching her for their campaigns.

Simon Ekin

Simon EkinSpeaker of CourageCape Town

“Doing what you say gets you what you want™” has become a guiding philosophy both for Simon and the work that he does with people.

Stacey Speller

Stacey SpellerMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Stacey Speller is a highly sought-after international speaker, author, lifestyle coach, and columnist.

Steve Harris

Steve Harris (Dr)Motivational Speaker and FacilitatorCape Town

“The opponent in your mind is often far greater than the one outside,” – Dr Steve Harris.

Sureshnie Rider

Sureshnie RiderDJ, MC and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Bubbly, Passionate, Positive and Energetic best describes Sush, as she is affectionately known On and Off air.

Tim Plewman

Tim PlewmanComedian and ActorJohannesburg

Tim’s career began in 1978 when Pieter Toerien gave him the opportunity of taking over the leading role in the comedy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Tony Dovale

Tony DovaleMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Tony Dovale is an Entrepreneur, a Success Alchemist, an Energy Coach and a “Cage rattling” & “Button pressing” Speaker, as well as an Expert Author and Transformational Facilitator/ CLEAR Leadership Creator.

Dr Toni Luck

Toni Luck (Dr)Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Toni Luck (Dr) has motivated and helped to transform the lives of thousands of men and women with her sermons, seminars and lectures on the power of God to inspire and change the mind, body and spirit.

Tshepiso Douw

Tshepiso DouwMotivational Speaker and PoetJohannesburg

Dr Tshepiso Douw is a philosopher, a teacher, a motivational speaker, a writer, a poet, a philanthropist and a medical doctor by profession for over 10 years.

Tumi Frazier

Tumi FrazierKeynote and Inspirational SpeakerJohannesburg

Tumi Frazier is one of those women who believe they can make a real difference in Africa through their efforts to uplift, motivate, inspire and develop other women into powerful leaders for change on the continent.

Uyanda Mbuli

Uyanda MbuliMotivational Speaker and Fashion celebrityJohannesburg

Co-owner of Diamond Face Couture – Uyanda Mbuli, is at the fore-front of changing the fashion landscape in South Africa.

Vernon Cresswell

Vernon CresswellMotivational Speaker and MCJohannesburg

He is a very successful business consultant – combining lessons from his strong business background with something even stronger - his passion for nature. He highlights lessons that we can learn from nature and apply in our everyday business and personal lives.


VerityMotivational Speaker and MusicianCape Town

2000 people prebought Verity’s first album before she even recorded it.

Victor Vermeulen

Victor VermeulenMotivational SpeakerJohannesburg

A natural communicator, Victor's message is a universal one, that it is possible, no matter what the difficulties, to achieve your goals and fulfill your ambitions.

Vilje Maritz

Vilje MaritzActor, MC and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Vilje Maritz matriculated as head boy from Jan van Riebeeck High School in 2008 where he won National Best Actor for the ATKV national theater competition.

Wolfgang Riebe

Wolfgang RiebeSpeaker, Mindshift Master and MCCape Town

If you want a success story at your next event, Wolfgang will inspire you with his special brand of fine magic and motivation. And, oh yes, he is only 41 years old.


ZealDJ, MC and Motivational SpeakerJohannesburg

Zandile “Zeal” Dladla is an MC and DJ known by her work with Metro FM and South African dance show “The Urban Beat.”

Zelda la Grange

Zelda la GrangeMotivational and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Zelda was officially appointed one of President Nelson Mandela’s three private secretaries in 1997 and, upon his retirement in May 1999, President Nelson Mandela requested Zelda to remain in his service.