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Navi Redd


Navi Redd (Navy Red) is a professional entertainment group consisting of eight male singers. Their genre is a Cappella and they perform without any instruments, using only their vocal chords and creativity to take on audiences on an unbelievable journey of sounds and harmonies that is incomparable in South Africa and the rest of the World.

From Grease and The Beach Boys to Johnny Clegg and Steve Hofmeyr, Navi Redd is a voice band with a sting in its tail and its repertoire includes anything. Since the group's inception early in 2004, Navi Redd have been amusing crowds all over South Africa, and the Brand Name has grown to be loved by the public and widely respected by all involved in the entertainment industry! … A Cappella for the people!

Let’s face it, men singing a Cappella has never been an unsightly occurrence…and these Cappella rebels bend all rules and regulations of this genre. 100% testosterone, 120% talent, Eye Candy and Ear Candy.

The group has gone from strength to strength and although times change, they keep sharing an unmistakable chemistry on stage. The group consists of 5 all-original members and they produce a new exciting repertoire every year.

Navi Redd


“A Cappella” of course meaning: No musical instruments, no back-tracks…using nothing other than brilliant vocal chords and astounding techniques, this, together with eight hilarious personalities on stage, ensures that crowds are up on their feet after every single performance.

Navi Redd has become a very popular artist for corporate events and has entertained companies.

Navi Redd is one of those rare breed of artists who combine a spellbinding mastery of vocal sounds with captivating originality. This is seen in their innovative ideas in marketing and reaching younger and newer audiences in the music market in South Africa.

Their vocal expertise and passion for their work, make them especially marketable in the South African industry, where audiences have not been exposed to their work. I believe that Navi Redd is one of the most exciting, accomplished and promising vocal groups to emerge from South Africa.


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