Political and Business Celebrities

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & Other
Alec Hogg

Alec HoggKeynote and Guest SpeakerJohannesburg

Alec Hogg is the person you're looking for – financial speaker that adds value to your conference/event.

Anton Musgrave

Anton MusgraveBusiness and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Anton is Joint CEO of FutureWorld SA and a Partner in FutureWorld International, having joined the global FutureWorld network in 1991.

Arthur Goldstuck

Arthur GoldstuckBusiness and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Arthur Goldstuck is a South African journalist, media analyst and commentator on information and communications technology (ICT), internet and mobile communications and technologies.

Buhle Dlamini

Buhle DlaminiMotivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker and MCInternational

As a speaker Buhle never ceases to deliver a gripping and memorable experience with his genuine sense of humour, smile and great content.

Chantell Ilbury

Chantell IlburyMotivational and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

As one of this country's leading strategists & scenario planners, Chantell Ilbury has worked throughout Southern Africa and abroad, managing and facilitating strategic conversations for leading businesses.

Clem Sunter

Clem SunterKeynote SpeakerCape Town and Johannesburg

(Retired) Chairman of the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund and author of 14 books, CLEM SUNTER is a renowned South African scenario planner.

Craig Wing

Craig WingKeynote Speaker and FuturistJohannesburg

Craig is a partner of FutureWorld international, assisting companies understand the future of their business and how to create a culture that supports this “futureproof” strategy.

Daniel Silke

Daniel SilkeKeynote and Political SpeakerCape Town

Daniel Silke is an Independent Political Analyst and Keynote Speaker specialising in South African and International politics.

Dawie Roodt

Dawie RoodtEconomistJohannesburg

Dawie is a nationally renowned economist who specialises in Government finance and monetary policy and enjoys excellent relations with various role-players in the South African economic and financial environment.

Eddie Botes

Eddie BotesKeynote and Motivational SpeakerCape Town

Eddie Botes is a sought after International speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and Change Artist

Freek Robinson

Freek RobinsonKeynote, Business Speaker and FacilitatorJohannesburg

Freek Robinson presented linkups and programmes from international conferences such as the World Bank and IMF meetings.

Fw De Klerk

Fw De KlerkMotivational and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

Mr De Klerk has been active on the international speaking circuit since his retirement from active politics in 1997.Mr De Klerk addresses audiences on a wide variety of topics, including: Economic and Political Prospects for South Africa (and Africa); The Management of Change.

Guy Lundy

Guy LundyKeynote and Business SpeakerJohannesburg

Guy is Managing Director of Centric Consulting, a corporate strategy consultancy, and he has previously worked for international firms such as Ernst & Young, Oracle.

JP Landman

JP LandmanKeynote and Political SpeakerJohannesburg

JP Landman is a self-employed political and trend analyst. He consults to SA's largest Private wealth business, BoE Private Clients, and works with several SA corporates on future scenario trends. His focus areas are trends in politics, economics and social capital.

Justice Malala

Justice MalalaPolitical SpeakerJohannesburg

Justice Malala is an award-winning journalist, television host, political commentator and newspaper columnist.

Karen Kelly

Karen KellyBusiness and Keynote SpeakerPort Elizabeth

Karen Kelly is an Internationally Qualified Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Business Coach, based in Port Elizabeth.

Ken Annandale

Ken AnnandaleKeynote SpeakerCape Town

Tough times call for tough measures. Organisation and individuals around South Africa are seeking solutions to the economic down-turn. From revised strategies to restructuring. From relocation to knee-jerk reaction.

Matthew Buckland

Matthew BucklandBusiness and Keynote SpeakerCape Town

Named as one of “SA’s top 100 most influential media and advertising people” (The Annual), Matthew has worked on the web literally from its inception.

Mike Schussler

Mike SchusslerKeynote Speaker and EconomistJohannesburg

He has been awarded the South African economist of the year - twice. Mike invented and maintains the Provincial Barometers which have been widely published and give insight into economic conditions on a regional basis – the first and only such indices in South Africa

Roelof Botha

Roelof BothaBusiness and Keynote SpeakerJohannesburg

Roelof Botha is a venture capitalist and company director.

Shaun Liedtke

Shaun LiedtkeBusiness and Marketing SpeakerJohannesburg

The majority of Shaun’s schooling was undertaken in the USA, but Shaun studied marketing at the AAA School of Advertising.