Prim Reddy

MC and Presenter - Cape Town
Prim Reddy


For thirteen years, she graced our television screens but has since left SABC3 after completing her MBA in December 2005. Now, Prim Reddy has shifted gears and gone into the retail industry while facing the challenge of being a mother.

"Seven months ago, it was me, me and me," the new mother says. Now her focus has shifted to her son (Navdi) and her new career in human resources.

Prim Reddy has a passion for talking. It was this very passion that helped her to land the job with SABC3 and also as a host on Talk Radio 702, but that was also the bane of her life growing up. She remembers her mom’s constant exasperation at her chatter.

At school she knew her numbers and her words, but the latter had a far greater appeal and consequently her teachers had their hands full trying to keep her quiet.

Prim’s first taste of television came when she started as a presenter on an Indian magazine program in Durban. It was during this time that she responded to an advertisement for an Indian presenter in Johannesburg for CCV.

Needless to say, with her abundance of talent, Prim quickly secured the position. “I moved to Johannesburg in 1996 with a car, a lampshade, a duvet cover and a radio,” says Prim. Two months later, when CCV became SABC1, 2 and 3, she moved to SABC2 and soon afterwards to SABC3 as a continuity presenter. “When I landed the job at SABC3, I was very proud of myself,” Prim says shyly. “And here I am today, still smiling and talking!”

Being a continuity presenter is more than just a career for Prim: “I love my job as a presenter and I am very committed to SABC3,” Prim explains. “When I’m on air, I am myself. So when I say something, or make a mistake, or laugh at something, that is me. And when you meet me off-air, I can promise you there is no difference. I don’t have a different persona when I’m in front of the camera.”

Prim takes her work seriously and values the support of her colleagues. “My job at SABC3 serves as my foundation for my growth in broadcasting, and my manager’s support has given me the strength to take on new challenges,” she says. One such challenge came when she branched out into radio.

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