Radio Raps (Jonathan)

Comedian - Pretoria
Radio Raps (Jonathan)


Radio Raps, also known as “Jonathan vanaf die Oos-Rand”, is no stranger to comedy lovers in South Africa.

With his latest show, Laat ek jou so sê, Jonathan will have the audience screaming with laughter as he speaks about happenings in our everyday lives that are sent to test us. In this hilarious one-man show he tells that we never pay attention to these things because we are too focused on the daily news and bigger happenings, while life could actually be fun-filled, simple and meaningful, if we would only focus on the important things. “Basics boys, basics,” is how he puts it.

He emphasizes that life is difficult to understand at times but says, “let me tell you (Laat ek jou so sê), it is not that complicated. It depends what side of the fence you are on, tjom.”

He explains: “People are complex beings with all sorts of complicated explanations for all sorts of things.” In typical Radio Raps fashion, he tells fans that the truth is not necessarily complicated, but that their acceptance of it may well be.

With common phrases used by so many South Africans such as “Lekker boys,” “Da vat hy,” “Okeey” and “Olraait” Jonathan speaks to the very lives of his fans and who they are. It is not surprising that material initially posted by the online radio station Radio Raps, on YouTube, received over 3 million views and landed him in excess of 80 000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Jonathan’s CD titled Da vat hy Vol 1, which is a collaboration of all his most popular jokes and stories as well as new material was released in August 2014. In 2015, a DVD of his utterly successful Life 101 show was released and has already reached gold status. A second live performance, Life 201, was also recorded and released on DVD this year.



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