Robby Kojetin

Motivational Speaker - Johannesburg
Robby Kojetin


A simple mistake at an indoor climbing gym left Robby in a wheelchair with severely broken ankles, ruptured tendons and permanently damaged feet, sentencing him to almost a year in a wheelchair and 7 surgeries.

Crippled by mounting debt, depression, having lost everything, Robby takes the audience on a nail biting journey from the brink of suicide, staring at a lethal dose of painkillers, to conquering the ultimate endevour of the human spirit, summitting Mount Everest. Using his experience of rebuilding his life from rock bottom, he invites the audience along as he brings the decisions and conscious shifts in attitude to life in a highly engaging 60-minute story.

His eye-opening insights and super human tenacity make for a story that is as entertaining as it is hard-hitting and relatable.

Since his accident in 2006, Robby has gone on to join a handful of people to have stood on top of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. He has also completed the Ironman triathlon, climbed Kilimanjaro nine times, 5 of the Seven Continental Summits - and cemented his place as one of the most inspirational and engaging thought leaders on the international speaking circuit today.

Robby also coaches people to reach their personal summit goals and is a regular contributor to a number of radio programs, magazine articles and TV features, including Discovery Channel’s Everest: Beyond the Limit.

One hour that will change everything

Robby’s keynote presentations are the ideal addition to any productive event’s agenda. Regardless of industry, from sales to skills training, Robby manages to engage and delight audiences on a highly personal level, tapping into their individual values and aspirations. Whether he’s opening an event with a dose of rocket fuel or rounding off a conference, Robby’s contagious energy and enthusiasm leaves audiences extremely motivated and with a lot to think about, with his astonishing story - laced with quick wit and clever humour, and told in a way that is nothing short of masterful.

Topics covered in Robby’s hard-hitting presentations include:

  • Recovering Stronger from the biggest of setbacks
  • A fresh perspective on success, performance, perseverance and self-drive
  • Big Picture Thinking to align and plan relevant and attainable challenges
  • Creating happier, healthier and more productive people
  • A realistic and attainable attitude toward even the most ambitious of goals

Your specific event themes and objectives can be incorporated into the keynote. Contact Robby to discuss making the presentation relevant, efficient and worth every cent.


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