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Sharm, always a child of the universe, deeply soulful, uniquely insightful and attuned to tech house vibes. Listen with your heart, feel with your third eye, though keep an open mind. In Flow with Pure Love & Golden Light stirring your soul with Seksi genres: SEKSI Deep House, SEKSI Tech House, SEKSIER Techno.”

Music was her way of life growing up. Both parents were musically inclined, including her granddad who was a Hindu Drum (Thabla) gold medalist. “It’s where I get my love and ear for filthy base sounds I’m certain. Dad played the guitar and sang in a band, Mom a stay home DJ had her ears glued to the radio growing up and recorded her favourite songs from the radio onto cassettes for her special friends and family. Hence I grew up listening to music and instruments. I also took Piano lessons in my teens and later tried my hand at the guitar and bongo drums.”

It didn’t stop there. Sharm has come through various dance eras being an avid dancer herself. Hence, she can relate to most music genres and eras. She always sensed this DJ journey would be unconventional and ultimately would take a life of its own. Having always walked to the beat of her own drums she aimed to live in truth of her path & passion sharing dreams, intentions, past, present, future and changing the world through music frequency and personal story.

“It’s not about the specific genre I play but “MUSIC (that) makes my soul dance”. Though, TECHNO and TECH HOUSE would be my 1st LOVE. Sssssshhhhh don’t’ tell anyone. Dj’ing is the KEY to my Purpose. I’m embracing this thrilling journey heart and soul open wide. I aim to change the world one frequency at a time. I so look forward to meeting, inspiring you with my music and/or story at your event. This is me keeping it Authentic & Real. Stay TRUE to YOU. “ – Sharm.

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