Simon Ekin

Speaker of Courage - Cape Town
Simon Ekin


“I think what makes me unique and sets me apart as a life coach, motivational speaker and Courage Champion is that I aim to live the brand of courage every day. Which means facing my fears every day. How can I expect my clients to do this, if I am not? My talks, my vision and the value I add is not based on some event, or achievement a number of years ago, it's based on my day to day commitment of walking towards my fears and turning those fears into opportunities.” – Simon

Proud moments of Simons past such as Cycling through Africa and being in office in the British Army form an integral part of his coaching and his motivations talks. but it is what is happening now that most interests and fascinates him as human beings.

Imagine if Apple had stopped making great products after the iMac? Imagine if they'd done one significant thing and anticipated that for the rest of the company's future they would benefit from that? Life simply doesn't work that way. It's consistently walking toward the things you most fear, and leveraging that fear in a way that enables you to transform opportunities into great work that differentiates the truly great companies from the good. That's why Simon does what he does, it's in doing the hard yards every day that greatness emerges.

“Doing what you say gets you what you want™” has become a guiding philosophy both for Simon and the work that he does with people. It is both exquisitely simple yet far from easy! He am passionate about helping people transform their lives by facing, rather than running away from their fears and turning those very fears into extraordinary opportunities.

Simon’s first experience of taking courageous action to achieve seemingly monumental goals was when he embarked on a trans-African cycle ride from Cape Town to the UK in 1993. As he travelled through 21 countries for 14 months, covering 13,000 kilometres and 17 million wheel revolutions, he learned the simple, and powerful, yet not easy distinction: when you do what you say, you get what you want. Simon knew he was onto a great and inspiring thing; he wanted to share this message with others.

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