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Springbok Nude Girls


The Springbok Nude Girls (a.k.a the Nudies, or the Nude Girls) is a rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. An alternative rock band, the Nude Girls introduced punk, ska, acid jazz and metal into their songs, introducing a new world of music to the youth of South Africa in the early 1990s.

They played their first big gig in September 1994 in Stellenbosch. Since then, the Nude girls have toured extensively. In 2000, the band received a South African Music Award for Best Rock Album (Surpass The Powers). The Nude Girls were voted the Best South Africa rock band in a poll conducted by South African radio station 5FM.

Formed in the winemaking town of Stellenbosch, near Cape Town, South Africa, the Springbok Nude Girls burst onto the indie music scene in the mid-90’s championing an eclectic approach to rock music that instantly struck a chord with the University crowd around their hometown. People were soon packing themselves into clubs and bars to catch the SNG’s over-the-top performances. Within months, national radio had caught onto the band’s self-released single ‘Bubblegum On My Boots’ – it’s since become a national classic.

The inevitable major label deal was quick in the coming. With Sony as their new parent label, the band recorded some of South Africa’s best-loved singles. No other African rock group can claim to be the soundtrack to so many people’s lives.

Springbok Nude Girls


On the performance front, the Nude Girls reputation as SA’s dominant live act was driven home with stadium shows alongside Lenny Kravitz, Smashing Pumpkins, INXS, Portishead, Beastie Boys, The Cult, PJ Harvey and Offspring Their popularity extended to the shores of Britain many times.

Taking an extended hiatus in 2001, the individual members went on to explore other paths. Some temporarily moving away from music, whilst others, like Arno Carstens and Theo Crous, moved onto flourishing solo careers in their own rights. Carstens, as the country’s premier singer-songwriter and Crous as South Africa’s most in-demand rock producer. In fact, some of the group’s most popular tracks were self-produced, the only outside ‘knob-fiddler’ allowed near the mixing-desk was the legendary Kevin ‘Caveman’ Shirley, who had previously worked with Silverchair, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Soul Asylum, The Black Crowes and The Darkness.

Reformed in 2006, due to popular demand, and with all five original members in tact – the Nude Girls are taking on the world-at-large. Spearheading this drive is the group’s first studio album in five years – Peace Breaker – released March 2007 along with numerous local and international tour dates.

Latest News

During their successful and powerful nation-wide tour in 2017, the Nude Girls found that their fans were as hungry as ever for their music. It felt like a natural progression to write new material.


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