The Rhythm Sessions

House DJ Duo - Johannesburg
The Rhythm Sessions


Prior to 2008, Edgar Mfaba (EdSoul) and Hlalefang Nomganga (Fang DaRhythm) were just individuals who loved to DJ and had a great love for sound engineering. Little did they know their passion, experience, coming together to start The Rhythm Sessions would build this fresh brand 8 years later. They built a solid foundation, “the art of mixing music and creating new music has always fascinated me” says Fang DaRhythm. Today, Traxsource has listed their first track in the top 100 list for 2016, they have music they made remixed by a grammy award winning DJ - Louie Vega and released on Vega records, are dressed by fine brand houses, are the only DJs in South Africa to play using Isolators, have featured seasoned artists on their songs including - Portia Monique, Sheldon so Goode, Wanda Baloyi, Brutha Basil. Their much anticipated album drops June 2017.

When they come on you are sure to be transported into a soulful house music trance laced with a couple of surprises. “We are true to who we are, but don't like being boxed into a specific sound. Having said that, you know a TRS song when you hear it”.

They have shared the stage and booth with Louie Vega, Vinny DaVinci, Oskido, Black Coffee, Greg “The Musical Maestro” Maloka at different music festivals like The Delicious international food and music festival to clubs like Taboo.

They have worked at Kaya FM - the largest independent commercial radio station in South Africa, home of the Afropolitan since 2009 in the production department until January 03, 2014 when they got an on air surprise call from Greg Maloka and Claire Mawisa offering them a permanent Friday slot for their very own show where they could show case their mixes, latest music and artist interviews. Adding a very colourful layer to their experience. The show was live every Friday 19H00 – 20H00 and was fittingly called ‘The Rhythm Sessions’. Captivating 160 000 listeners, as per the last reading.

Since the stations programming changes and because of the success of their show, they have been moved to 20h00 - 21h00 slot with the host of the show now being Thomas Msengana. It has proven to be a winning formula.

Their interview highlights to date are:

  • Louie Vega
  • Kenny Dope
  • Black Coffee
  • Josh Milan
  • Selan
  • DJ Zinhle
  • Soul Cap


Edgar Mfaba’s interests in music generally began at an early age and lead him to the discovery of house music, a passion that has stayed with him.

He was born in Tanzania when his parents were staying in exile at the time. He then moved to South Africa when he was 3 years old to stay in Meadowlands Soweto at his grandmother’s house. Edsoul spent his early days doing part time jobs while his ever-inspiring mother nudged him towards following his passion and love for music.

“My interest in music began at a very early age I was exposed to the kind of music my mom used to listen to like Stevie Wonder, Glady’s Knight etc, I loved humming along to the songs, little did I realise that I was falling in LOVE with that 80’s soul Motown vibe.” he says with a smile. Ed defines his style of spinning as soulful, tribal, techy, and lounge futuristic sound. He later landed a job at Club Capital in Rosebank as a resident DJ and met the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos, Oskido & DJ Monde, just to name a few.

Edsoul enjoys long sets like his brother in arms as it allows him to explore more music. He believes music is a spiritual thing, a body thing and soul thing - and that is how he connects with his audience.

Radio Career

Edsoul initially wanted to study music. When he got to Boston Media House he studied radio which had a theory section on Sound Engineering. His interests were still on how Promos, Jingles were created.

He started working at Kaya FM as an intern in Feb 2009 on the Phat Joe. He was a runner at the beginning, which allowed him to learn a lot about the new world of Radio. “I later discovered that my passion lied in the production department. I was fascinated with how you could add so much color to words by adding sound. It literally brought it to life. In 2011 I got my big break after a senior employee had left abruptly. I was thrown into the deep end, I had to swim my way up to being one of the Senior Production Engineers at Kaya FM in 2016.” He says proudly.

Fang DaRhythm

It has been said that “when all else fails, music speaks” and everything rooted in passion is possible. “Music is my life, it is the only thing that can pick me up when I’m down”- Says Hlalefang Nomganga, known to most as Fang DaRhythm.

Growing up listening to a lot of radio played a huge role in Fang’s love for music. Fang developed an ear for deep house sound, yet maintained a healthy love for RnB, Jazz, Afro Soul Sound and a bit of Hip Hop. As his music knowledge broadened, so did the horizons of his inspiration.

“ I’ve always been interested in the art of mixing music, though I only started practicing it later in my high school years. I started collecting a lot of music on vinyl and hung around two of my then friends who were well known DJs in Alexandra. I used their equipment every time I got a chance to jump on but I later enrolled at a DJ school for a 3 months deejaying course”. Fang enjoys long hour sets as this allows him to take music lovers on a musical journey on the dance floor, sailing from deep house to Afro to Electro and even some old school classics.

Radio career

Fang graduated with a Media studies Diploma from Boston Media House as well, “Radio was the second thing I wanted to do after music but at that point I felt it was safer to go with radio instead of a music school but now I’m doing both so all is good.” says Fang. He started at Kaya FM in 2009 as intern roaming around departments mainly the music and production departments. In 2011 a new breakfast show (180 with Bob) was launched and he was offered the opportunity to work with Bob Mabena and be the technical producer for his show. He is still getting up every morning to make it for his 5am call time, the show speaks to 799 000 Afropolitan ears on average 5 days cume.


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