Vernon Cresswell

Motivational Speaker, MC, Keynote Speaker, and Team building - Johannesburg
Vernon Cresswell


Vernon and his family spend as much time as they can in the Sabi Sands area of South Africa. His interest in nature has led to him becoming a qualified trail guide and he is an expert in snake identification and handling... a useful skill in the financial services world.

Vernon Cresswell is a professional speaker, focusing on applying the lessons of nature to team work. In each of his talks, Vernon uses incredible wildlife footage to show examples from nature and suggest how you can use them in your everyday life.

Vernon has been invited to run a series of workshops for the Academy of Chief Executivesin the UK in May 2009.


Keynote - See how Vernon can help you better understand how nature will instantly improve the way you operate as a team.

Workshops - Find out how this ideal follow-up to Vernon’s talks can benefit you and your team. You will leave the workshop with specific action plans.

Focus Talks - A specific, focused talk for your team. Learn how to improve everyday interactions with one another when we focus on topics such as communication, relationships, growing and specialising

Raised in Mpumalanga, South Africa, Vernon was introduced to the wonders of nature at a very early age. After graduating with B Com LLB Degree and Higher Tax Diploma and Company Law Diplomas, he decided to pursue a career in business – a decision that proved to be highly successful. In later years he and a few colleagues built their own financial planning business which was later sold to a large corporate. After serving a restraint period, Vernon was headhunted in 2001 by one of the largest banks to start up their Private Bank, now a highly successful part of the groups Retail Bank.

Vernon was later appointed as head of the bank’s Wealth Division. After remaining in this position for a period of time, the urge for Vernon to take up a new and exciting challenge was too great – resulting in him devising and developing a presentation, which enables him to assist others in the corporate environment to reach their own levels of true success when working as a team. A new presentation has subsequently been devised which focuses more on personal/family lives.

Is renowned for his inspiring presentations on how we can use some of the more powerful lessons found in nature and how to apply these learning’s to the business or family arena as well as working more effectively as a team.

His vibrant presentation openly confirms that we need to adapt the way we operate as a team today in order to survive tomorrow.

Vernon’s presentations are ideally suited for employees from all levels within small entrepreneurial organisations all the way up to large corporates, as well as for any person wanting to improve his or her personal interactions. The presentation encompasses some of the following issues.

You can’t fly solo - Know when to back off - Specialist vs. Generalist - The weakest link - Succession Planning - Communication - Competition - Trust.

Both dynamic and inspiring, Vernon is a presenter with paramount appeal. His ability to combine various business and family principles with hard lessons we can learn from nature, whilst still delivering this message with dynamism and humour, makes a presentation from Vernon Cresswell truly unique.

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