Vuyokazi Matu

Inspirational Speaker and TV Presenter - Cape Town
Vuyokazi Matu


Vuyokazi Charity Matu is an award winning African Voice and Media Executive, who started as a receptionist and moved through the ranks to the CEO position. Called to step into hard places, her professional journey in testing environments is a remarkable story. She is a powerful TV presenter and inspirational Speaker, amazing at moving people to action. A Nation-builder, who has represented South Africa in different countries. Gifted at Speaking to all kinds of audiences. A constructive, bold influencer in Business, Communities, Churches, Educational institutions, etc. She has twice been selected by the International Emmy Academy of Television to form part of the Emmy Awards judging panel. In 2017, she was the African judge for AIB’s (Association for International Broadcasting, London). Her business TV Show, ‘Dream Again Africa’ launches 2018. She has interviewed top businessmen and women in Africa, with a special interview with USA’s celebrity producer of McDonald’s Gospel Fest, A Curtis Farrow.

She has recently founded, Voice of Africa Global Media, a new media company birthed following 15 years of experience and exposure in the Television Business locally and internationally. She carries a Mantle for Reconciliation and Africa Transformation. This comes through her Inspirational Public Speaking Engagements, Productions and Significant Nation-Building Events.

How Corporate and Business can retain black professionals in Cape Town.

Information is power. A professional advice, constructive, progressive and empowering information on advancing the process of change and integration through cultural intelligence.

There is significant creative value for companies that is being lost daily from lack of cultural wisdom. This information empowers organisations to capitalise on their investments to people in order to avoid constant migration to other provinces.

There is a critical need for organisations, especially in the Western Cape to empower themselves in cultural intelligence in order to liberate themselves, build solid leadership and strengthen growth of people. Then corporates and business will leave to the next generation a far better world than the one we have today.


  1. Cultural Intelligence - how well individuals can relate and work across cultures
  2. How Corporates and Business can retain black professionals in Cape Town
  3. Creating a Joyful environment through the spirit of Productivity
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Women in Business
  6. Black Economic Empowerment

Vuyokazi thrives on anything to do with sharing information on The Purpose for Work, Entrepreneurship, Women in Business, Team Work, Reconstructing Africa through its people, Diversity and Race Relations.

Her topics and messages are constructive, inspirational, soulful, touching and leave a positive mark in the hearts of people!!

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