Adriana Marais

Technologist and Speaker - Plettenberg Bay
Adriana Marais


“The reason I want to explore beyond Earth is simple: The allure of the unknown is far more powerful than the comfort of the known.”

- Dr Adriana Marais, theoretical physicist, technologist and aspiring extraterrestrial

Dr Adriana Marais has a background in research, her award-winning PhD and postdoctoral work in quantum biology focused on photosynthesis and the origins of the building blocks of life in space. She is an internationally renowned advocate for off-world exploration, and has given hundreds of talks to audiences on all seven continents of this planet, as well as been featured in documentaries including AOL’s ‘Citizen Mars’, and CNN’s ‘Africa’s Space Race’.

Adriana is currently a Director at the Foundation for Space Development Africa, developing Africa’s first mission to the Moon, the Africa2Moon Project. She is Scientific Moderator on Space Resources with the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator, and Chair of Space Sciences at Tod'Aérs Aeronautics and Space Research. She is also Faculty at the Singularity University and Duke Corporate Education.

In 2019, Adriana founded Proudly Human, and she is currently leading the organisation’s Off-World Project: a series of off-grid habitation experiments in the most extreme environments on the planet, in preparation for life on the Moon, Mars and beyond, as well as a sustainable future on Earth.


Adriana Marais


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