Bruce Whitfield

Radio Personality and MC - Cape Town
Bruce Whitfield


About Bruce Whitfield

Leaders have never been required to decipher as much information at the speed and volume with which it is delivered, as they do today. And it’s only going to get worse.

Bruce Whitfield helps leaders look beyond the noise of the news cycle and focuses on what really matters to them for their long-term growth and sustainability. Bruce delivers targeted, meaningful and memorable narratives to audiences who will never consume information the same way again.

Bruce has analysed ambitious companies and their leaders and conducted more than 50 000 interviews with decision makers over twenty years. His propensity to enquire, interrogate and synthesise complex information enables him to translate the biggest issues businesses face today into digestible, useful insights which help teams make better decisions amidst the deluge of the daily news agenda.

More About Bruce Whitfield

On stage and online, he is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, whose presentations are drawn from his own in-depth research as an author on economics, business and its impact on society. He brings lessons from history and the present, using art and vivid imagery to keep his audience engaged and challenged throughout.

The world has entered a new age of ambiguity, and the winners will be those who are best able to navigate its uncertainties. Those who thrive are those who best distinguish between what matters, what to watch and what to ignore.

Whitfield’s decades of broadcast experience mean that he can think on his feet and bring a unique flexibility to any programme which will see him not only tailor his core message to address his audience’s needs, but also incorporate new insights live, as they emerge at client events.

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