- January 2023

Welcome to our FIRST newsletter for 2023! We’ve got some cool things happening this year, so come along for the wild ride.

Dance Event Entertainment

Dancing is an important part of South African culture. And it’s highly entertaining too. We dance for many reasons here in Mzansi. Sometimes it’s when we are slightly inconvenienced when our favourite garage pie is not available. Or when you order your favourite crispy wings, and it comes with no chilli salt.


Yes, in SA, we’ll use any excuse to dance. And here at Entertainment Online, we’ve got everything from hip hop to gumboot dancing and fire dancing too.


Get your inner Shakira on when you book a belly dancing event: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/bellydancers.htm


Feel like you are in a Bollywood production with the Bollywood dancers: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/bollywooddancers.htm


Feel like Run DMC when break dancing: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/breakdancers.htm

Have a sizzling showcase when you book the fire dancers: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/dancingwithfire.htm


Add some tradition and culture to your next event with gumboot dancers:



Add an iconic touch of Zulu culture when the traditional Zulu dancers: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/zuludancers.htm

Dance Act

And while you are booking your next dance act,

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