- February 2023
Party DJ

Did you know that the term DJ or disc jockey was first coined in 1935 by Walter Winchell? Walter was a gossip columnist and radio news commentator. But it wasn’t until 1943 when the first DJ dance party took place in England that we truly got to know DJing as we know it today. In 2023 Mzansi's DJs are all over the world.


Different types of DJs:

Club DJs: The name says it all. Club DJs play at night clubs or festivals. This category first gained popularity in the 1980s in New York where disco DJ Larry Levan was known for his electric mixes. Many of our club DJs have celebrity status around the world.


We’ve got out very own club DJ, Déjà Vu DJ:


Mobile DJs: These are the ones who book for functions. They specifically play at weddings, private occasions and year-end functions. They are also one of the best-priced DJ options.


DJ Dino Bravo is not a Mobile DJ but he has traveled all over South Africa and is especially popular at festivals, take a look at his profile here: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/dinobravo.htm

Dino Bravo

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Here’s a full list of the different types of DJs we have available. Book your favourite one today:



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