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- February 2020

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New Year, New Energy, New Motivation

It’s 2020, in fact, it is the second month of 2020. If your team has not started the year off motivated, time to get everyone pumped up with a motivational talk or keynote speaker.

Infuse your staff or clients with new energy and new ideas with a few of our key suggestions below.

Motivational talks and keynote speakers start at R18 000 ex VAT and all support services, and fees may vary depending on the city and speaker selected. Talk to us, and we can work with your budget and goals to get the new-year going.

We have over 80 options on our website, here are just a few:

Eddie Botes | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/eddiebotes.htm

Based in Cape Town, Eddie Botes is an international business motivational speaker and facilitator who focuses on helping his audiences change the way they think about the ever-evolving world surrounding them. Through his talks, Eddie challenges conventional thinking to help his audience become better problem solvers and take meaningful action. When presenting a motivational talk, Eddie incorporates his research about you, the client or organisation, into his talk in order to make his points more relevant.

David Molapo | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/davidmolapo.htm

Based in Johannesburg, David Molapo is a highly sought after and acclaimed motivational speaker with two prestigious awards to his name – The Young Achiever of the Year South Africa Award and Four Outstanding South African's Awards! In his talks, he focuses on the future and helps to motivate others through his humour, incredible stage presence and his personal life experiences – which includes a history of political activism and immense business success.

Leanne Manas | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/leannemanas.htm

A familiar face from South African television, Leanne Manas is more than just a celebrity. She uses her intelligence and compassion to lead from the heart and was handpicked by Nelson Mandela himself to be Ambassador for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign. Leanne motivates through her talk “Achiever Your Impossible” where she incorporates personal life events with encouraging messages to her audiences, ultimately motivating them to achieve their own impossible goals as she has.

Kobus Wiese | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/kobuswiese.htm

Of course, sports fans can draw some inspiration from rugby legend Kobus Wiese, who was part of the 1995 World Cup Winning team! Since then he has transitioned into a business owner, consultant and TV presenter.

When engages as a motivational or keynote speaker he uses his experience in the rugby world to demonstrate the importance of teamwork and spirit as the essential key to success.

Bronwyn Ruth Williams | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/bronwynruthwilliams.htm

When it comes to knowing what the financial future holds, look no further than a keynote talk from Bronwyn Ruth Williams. This trend translator and future finance specialist brings a decade’s experience in marketing management and trend research to the table and can offer invaluable insights into what’s to come. Her talks include:

  • Future of finance
  • Blockchain
  • Transhumanism

Arthur Goldstruck | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/arthurgoldstuck.htm

If the focus is more on technology and the future, look to Arthur Goldstruck for a keynote talk that will bring you and your staff up to speed. Through his talk, Arthur provides strategic guidance to corporate executives in their use of social media and offers virtual training to companies worldwide.

He also heads the World Wide Worx research organization, whose findings and statistics have been used by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Internetworldstats to provide internet data for South Africa.

Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline | https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/jeanpierremurraykline.htm

Future Thinker, strategist, digital architect and scenario planner, Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline is a natural-born leader who has been at the helm of countless successful ventures in marketing, web design and has always pioneered how to use leverage the internet for financial success. He focuses on the impact of future technologies on a macro and micro level and encourages companies to embrace change and the future with open arms.

Key issues in his talks include:

  • Digital Trends.
  • Sustainable green solutions
  • Future Proofing
  • Cyber Security
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Services

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