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- July 2018

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As professionals in the industry, we do entertainment well. Have a look at what we got up to this month:

We assisted an event in which Vernon Barnard performed at the Artscape in Cape Town. It was a great production and the talented artist sang with youth choirs. Our client was a pleasure to work with and the end result was phenomenal.

Vernon Barnard is a South African singer who makes up in voice what he lacks in sight. This tremendous talent came to fame when his talent was discovered on The Voice, South Africa. Now this twenty-two year old has won over thousands of fans with his singing capabilities.

Further on the entertainment front, our department has had an increase in queries for women speakers. That’s right, women’s month is around the corner, and we have a selection of women speakers available for the various events to be held in honour of all the remarkable women in our lives.

Check out some of our highlighted women speakers and make your bookings. You can use the links further down to view their full profiles.

Alison Botha:

Alison is an inspirational speaker and leaves audiences devouring every minute of her talks. She speaks of the cruel torture she was subjected to and how she overcame the trauma by applying her own ABC method-attitude, belief and choice.

Claudia Henkel:

Claudia is an MC, motivational and keynote speaker. She is an ambassador of South Africa with her role as a spokesperson for POWA and HIV/AIDS and as a business woman who optimises excellence.

Criselda Kananda:

Criselda is an MC, motivational and keynote speaker. She is a mother, radio and television presenter, dynamic business woman, facilitator, inspirational speaker, professional councillor, former nurse and medical underwriter.

Lumka Msibi:

Lumka is an MC, motivational, keynote and guest speaker. Lumka is a trailblazing, award-winning rocket scientist.

Toni Luck:

Toni is a motivational speaker and helped to transform thousands of lives with her sermons, seminars and lectures on the power of God. She inspires people to change the mind, body and soul.

Wait, did you say that second-last one is a female rocket scientist? Yep, an award winning rocket scientist. Women empowerment could not have a better guest than some of the woman listed with our agency. There is something for everyone.

Finally, we also assisted an event in which The Muses performed. The Muses are an electric string quartet and they are one of the most sought after corporate entertainment groups in South Africa.

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