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- May 2019

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The Key to Being Clued Up

As most people in the corporate sector know, staying ahead of the curve is the key to success. But defining what that curve is, how to get around it and knowing what’s to come is a bit of a science to nail down. You see, not everyone spends their days pouring over economic reports, reading tech articles and creating charts to predict trends – that’s a specialised field that makes for a very interesting keynote speaker.

If your company is seeing the aforementioned curve moving further and further into the distance, you need to look at the skills of your drivers and not the car. What does that mean? Well, you can provide your employees with the entire tech they would need, but without guidance on where that technology can take them and how it can get them ahead of the competition, it may as well still be a CRT monitor attached to a potato.

That is why in this newsletter we would like to highlight the importance of keynote speakers, especially those who focus on trends, technology and the economy. Helping your company understand what the world around them is doing is invaluable to the growth of your business.

Let’s create a practical example. Say you are a travel agency, and you need your employees to stay motivated and on the pulse of travel trends, you’re going to need to teach them these skills. Although a keynote speaker may not be a teacher, they can surely inspire them to assess travel trends and technology. For example, if your staff is still pushing a 7-day stay in Mauritius when the world has moved on to the Maldives, the right keynote speaker can show them how to use the technology at their disposal to discover this fact and change strategies when selling to potential clients.

Of course having someone with a strong economic focus doing a keynote talk is just as important, as they are able to provide invaluable insight into potential spending habits, economic trends and unexpected potholes in the curve ahead. Getting back to our travel agency, a keynote speaker may be able to advise on the average travel budget a person may have, as well as what they deem more important to spend on for their holiday. Data such as this can help agents create custom packages and a keynote speaker can light the spark in them to collate what they’ve learned through client interactions into a more attractive package – for example, cheaper flights, but better accommodation.

Now you may not run a travel agency, but you may have a company of your own that needs a boost around the bend. Talk to us about finding a keynote speaker that can fire up your staff, and breathe some trendy life back into your business.

An excellent example of the right keynote speaker for this would be Anton Musgrave, who has an extensive history of business behind while also being a futurist with a keen insight into the economy. We could also recommend Arthur Goldstruck, who specialises in the online world, providing key insights into social media usage and ICT.

These are only two examples from a wide pool of talented keynote speakers available, and depending on what your goals are, let us advise you on the right speaker to keep you ahead of the pack. Here is a quick link to the full list:

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