- June 2023
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June is the month we find people starting to really plan their year end functions, and many book a function band. Function bands offer two or three sets of either commercial, classical genres or all time favourites. They can play both background and party hits. The Rockets, Urban Strings, Beat Route, Beyond Vocal, Coda, The Muses, Havana Gas and the Ice and Fire band are just a few of the exceptional options you will find on our websites www.bands.co.za and www.entertainment-online.co.za

Function Bands

Keynote Talks.

Another popular feature at an event is a guest speaker. We offer keynote speakers who are award-winning, have PhDs, are CEOs of companys, published books, climbed mountains, swam oceans, presented radio and TV shows, plan on going to space, are journalists, change champions, won world cups or published books.

Talk durations range between 45 and 60 minutes normally followed by a Q&A Take a peek:


Keynote Talks

New Arrivals


The 16th of June is Youth Day, and we thought we might share some of the younger talents we have on our website in light of this. For example, Marko, who is an exceptionally impressive business man and keynote speaker, take a look at his quick video on: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/markostavrou.htm, or Aaron who literally is magic: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/aaronsimon.htm, or how about Nomakhwezi, the daughter of Gcina Mhlophe  and following in her footsteps and offering exceptional stories and performances: https://www.entertainment-online.co.za/nomakhwezibecker.htm

EO Youth Day

Hypnotists are a type of entertainment some people do not know we offer. Their shows are ideal for company events and celebrations, often offering a full


one hour interactive show filled with comedy, getting your boss up on stage and making him think he is a chicken or rapper will never be forgotten.

Ukuzonwabisa iingcali!!

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