Ian Thomas

Motivational Speaker - Plettenberg Bay
Ian Thomas


Motivational speaker Ian Thomas will transform your team in front of you. If you're looking to motivate your team, you should seriously consider motivational speaker and keynote speaker, Ian Thomas. His two keynote addresses, The Power of the Pride and The Spoor of Success are internationally acclaimed. Ian has motivated thousands of people in more than 30 countries with his keynotes. Watch him transform your team in an hour in front of your eyes with his mesmerising, provocative and compelling presentation.

Ian Thomas is a rare person - a business graduate who has studied lions at close quarters during 20 years as a game ranger in Africa.

A dynamic & inspiring presenter.

Ian believes people, and especially business people, can absorb and learn from the animal kingdom. Sound business sense is interlaced with humour and an ability to tell stories. The audience leave enthralled and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues resulting in immense "take home business value"

Ian Thomas


Ian currently has two primary presntations:

The Power of The Pride

Ian Thomas presents a riveting and informative account of how lions, the only cats that hunt in teams, can be compared with how businesses operate as teams.

The Spoor of Success

While working as a game ranger, Ian Thomas discovered that his guests' predominant request was to see lions. In order to satisfy his customers, he set out on a strategy to find lions on a daily basis.

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