Martin Brown

Keynote and Inspirational Speaker - Johannesburg
Martin Brown


Martin is one of the most powerful inspirational and motivational speakers you will find because he knows how to stir passion, inspire action and genuinely move people to change. It’s not about Martin; it’s about you, your client and your audience. He’s passionate about making a difference and it comes through on and off stage. His motto is simple – do what’s best to serve you and then do whatever it takes to make your event a home run.

Martin was born on a warm summers afternoon in the Mother city Cape Town, South Africa. His Martin Brown BWinterests after high school led him firstly into the mechanical engineering and thereafter, into emergency medical field. He achieved National Colours in Acrobatics and was a member of the Acrobatic Federation of South Africa as well as being a Provincial Athlete and a Professional Ballroom and Latin Dancer, yet in his second year of medical studies, Martin was injured in a freak diving accident which changed his life path forever.

Thereafter, relying fully on his engineering background, combined with his medical experience, Martin forcefully took charge of circumstances and began to climb the entrepreneurial ladder to become the successful, multi award-winning businessman he is today. Yet Martin believes that his business success is not only his own doing, but also his employees – without whom he can do nothing. He has managed to nurture and inspire the most important asset in his company, his employees.

Martin Brown has developed an amazing global business designing and manufacturing custom-built all-terrain powered wheelchairs with great success over the past 15 years. Martin’s business was born out of necessity. In December 1997 (Medical School Break) Martin broke his neck and became paralysed to the C4 level, a quadriplegic, only being able to move his head. With a stick in his mouth and a crew that understood the company’s vision, THEY, as a result, have won several entrepreneurial awards along the way.

By continuously reinventing the way he approached his life and his company approaches the current market has seen Martin become a leader in his industry. He believes that the reason he is where he is, is because of pushing boundaries of himself and his team to think beyond limits and innovatively. Every year they introduce a new product to the market, keeping the company fresh and innovative.

Martin holds a NTC 5 Mechanical Engineering, NTC Information Technology, Advanced Life Support Paramedic and is currently studying for a B.Com Entrepreneurship. Martin invokes Intrapreneurship in his company, employees thinking and acting as entrepreneurs, but within a company’s constraints. An intrapreneur acts independently, is proactive, brings new ideas, which means that they bring innovations to the company.

Building a globally recognised company with only a stick in his mouth he has now become a sought after motivation and inspirational speaker. His life lessons combined with business lessons makes him unique in the industry, more authentic, and a spellbinding speaker you will struggle to match.

Martin Brown delivers business expanding, life-changing, interactive keynotes that inspire change, challenge thinking and accelerate personal and professional growth. He is a master story teller, and Martin has the most amazing story to tell! Nothing is more compelling than a vivid story that reminds us of the incredible human potential from an authentic adversity expert.


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  • We are the choices we make
  • 5 Steps how to use Adversity to your Advantage


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