Modise Pholo

Stilt Walker - Johannesburg
Modise Pholo - Stilt Walker


Did you ever wonder how many hours one need to practice to get a good show?

Well Stilt walking go way back in History. With amazing costumes and Painted faces you will be in amazement. Stilts are used widely in many countries for entertainment. Stilt walkers perform in parades, festivals, street events and at corporate functions.

The local festivals of Anguiano (La Rioja, Spain) feature a dance on stilts in which dancers go down a stepped street while turning. Other stilt walking and dancing festivals are held in Deventer, Netherlands, in early July each year, and in Namur, Belgium.

Early stilt walking acts were mostly of the style of a very tall person with the costume having long trousers or skirt to cover the stilts. More recently stilt walkers have created a wide variety of costumes that do not resemble a tall person. Examples are flowers and animals. The tall person type has also expanded to include a wide variety of themes. Examples include sportsmen, historical acts and acts based on literary or film characters.

One of the most recent varieties of stilt walking acts is a stilt walker riding a "stilt bicycle" with an extended seat post and handlebar stem. With Light festivals being very popular around the world, Stilt walkers have incorporated technology in their costumes making. It is very common to see LED Robots on stilts or other light costumes at public or private events.

After seeing a stilt walker many years ago Modise just know that this is what he want to do as a profession.

Modise Pholo also known as Magical Modise. Born in the heart of Soweto. A self taught entertainer specializing in Hypnosis, Magic shows, Stilt walking, Balloon twisting, hands and feet therapy. He has vast experience in the show world. Perfomances from the Mclaren Circus, Gold reef city, Botswana fun day, coroporate events and private shows and much much more.

Book him today for your next event and be entertained with some history.

Modise Pholo - Stilt Walker


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