Njabulo Zulu

Motivational Speaker - Johannesburg
Njabulo Zulu


Njabulo Zulu was bullied by fellow learners at a private school because she was “black like a shoe polish”.

In fact, the bullies told her she was too black to be at the Kempton Park school she had been at since the age of 6.

After she completed Grade 3, Njabulo was removed from the private school and enrolled at Padisago Primary School back at home in Soshanguve.

There, she was mocked again for being too dark.

She also had to endure sarcasm at her new school because of her black, bushy hair, which looked different.

While the treatment at her new school deepened her pain, she refused to allow it to bring her down.

Her mother played a crucial role, constantly telling her she was beautiful in the face of all the challenges.

The idea of starting an anti-bullying campaign dawned on her and the rest is history.

Her first public speaking experience was at school, where she addressed her peers about bullying and how it made others feel bad about themselves.

Njabulo is also a junior preacher at her church and presenter on TUT FM. She hosts a Sunday morning show, Bokang Jehovah.

Njabulo dreams of becoming a paediatrician, photographer, dentist, actress and TV presenter.

Njabulo recently appeared on a children’s show on TV and since then her Facebook in-box has been flooded by messages from children seeking her help.

It’s a challenge that so many young children are faced with at school – the pressures to conform and bullying from other kids. Njabulo Zulu not only rose above bullying, she’s now helped victims and bullies alike through her work as a motivational speaker.

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