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Economist and Business Speaker - Cape Town
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Nomfundo "Fundi" Tshazibana: A Journey of Financial Leadership

In the intricate tapestry of finance and economics, there are individuals who not only navigate its complexities but also shape its future. Nomfundo "Fundi" Tshazibana stands among these exceptional figures, serving as Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and CEO of the Prudential Authority. Her story, from a gifted student in Benoni, Gauteng, to a distinguished economist and policymaker, is a testament to her dedication and expertise.

Fundi Tshazibana's journey began in South Africa around 1977. Her early years were spent in the town of Benoni, Gauteng, where her intellectual brilliance shone through. She achieved the milestone of matriculation at the tender age of 15, marking the beginning of an extraordinary educational journey.

Fundi's career path unveiled itself with a market research trainee position at Kantar TNS, a global market research leader. However, her trajectory soon steered her toward the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), where she served as a staff economist for three and a half years.

The pivotal moment arrived in 2003 when Fundi Tshazibana joined the South African National Treasury, a cornerstone of the Ministry of Finance. Over a dozen years, she embraced diverse roles, from Director of Micro-Economic Policy to the helm as Director General for Economic Policy Analysis and Forecasting.

In 2015, Fundi embarked on a new chapter, one that would lead her to the global stage. She joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, DC, as the lead analyst for South Africa and 22 other sub-Saharan countries within the Africa Group 1 Constituency Office. Her role focused on external and financial sectors, contributing to the IMF's mission of global economic stability.

In January 2019, when Deputy Governor Francois Groepe stepped down, Fundi's qualifications and experience made her the natural choice. She assumed the position of Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank on July 10, 2019, a role she continues to excel in.

More About Nomfundo Tshazibana

As of April 1, 2022, Fundi Tshazibana has assumed a new mantle as the Chief Executive Officer of the Prudential Authority (PA). Her responsibilities extend to overseeing the Prudential Cluster of the South African Reserve Bank, a critical role encompassing the regulation of banks, insurers, cooperative financial institutions, financial conglomerates, and specific market infrastructures.

While Fundi Tshazibana's professional journey has been illustrious, her personal life is equally significant. She is a devoted wife and mother of two children, a testament to her ability to harmonize her personal and professional worlds.

In conclusion, Fundi Tshazibana's trajectory from a gifted student to a leading economist and policymaker has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her contributions to South Africa's financial landscape are not just impactful; they are transformative. For speaking engagements that inspire, educate, and offer profound insights into the world of finance and economics, Fundi Tshazibana is a captivating choice. Her journey of resilience and dedication is a story that resonates with audiences, making her an ideal speaker to illuminate your events.

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