Ntsika Rise

Singer & MC - Johannesburg
Ntsika Rise


Ntsika Rise uses his life experience as inspiration to take the Showbiz Industry. His experience in life he has made sure you will find a deeper meaning of his craft and that where his Identity is.

When Ntsika Rise is not performing, he will be in the Consultation Room where he helps the Communities or he will be writing his soul foul and Traditional Sound only to be better that 1st project.

This Virginia Born Artist who is 29 years old is a Talented Singer, Actor, MC and Entrepreneur is a kind of artist who takes his craft vey personal And makes sure his supporter and Music lovers connects with his craft.

His Talent was Discovered in STD 1 at Lehakwe Primary School where he was asked to sing with ladies because he had a soft voice but he cried and say people will laugh at him, but got used to it and where he started to join local groups till date Ntsika Rise still believes in the power of Music.

His inspiration is said to have been Ringo Madlingos, Vuyo Mokoena, Sammy Malete and His N late Grandfather

Ntsika Rise has been an Independent Artist and Hustler since his was 8/9 where he was selling vegetables, during school hours he will sell Candies for survival hence his father was in Gauteng.

At a very young age, he did not only have to focus on school work and singing but he also had to have the strength and power and think like an adult, because he did things that made him even on this day miss what could have been the most wonderful childhood. In most cases when a young boy faces those things they tend to grow up not caring about their dreams, but all what Ntsika Rise went through made him be much stronger to be able to face his dreams without fear.

After all this struggling he went through, he finally thought that coming to Gauteng and getting his singing career going was just a “walk in the park”. But it was a journey that needed dedication, passion and commitment most of all hard working.

His dream was to become an accountant but money was the problem and it did not know anything about bursaries and financial aids then he decided to make a certificate of Drama at Thuthuka casting with the money that he was getting from his paintings projects.


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