Pierre du Plessis

Trend and Keynote Speaker - Cape Town
Pierre du Plessis


Pierre is a flâneur, he saunters about observing trends, the flow of culture, and the pace of the world. He has worked in advertising, fashion, and trends for the last 15 years. He is currently working as brand curator and writes for various blog and newsletters and speaks on living life and doing business in an ever- changing world.

He has done over 400 talks.
He has shopped for about 9000 hours.
He lives, proudly, in Pretoria with his wife, two kids, and his iPhone.

Prostitutes, The Andes, and Japanese Sword makers:

We live in a world obsessed with the 'I' so much so that we cannot even spell WII without two I's. We need to re- connect to run sustainable businesses where knowledge is not hoarded but shared, we need to re-kindle friendships to simply be healthier human beings.

In this talk Pierre offers a new framework to guide us to form 4 types of relationship necessary for us to move forward as companies, and simply just as human beings.

We are not born as individuals, we were born as part of a community, a tribe, a nation. Each of us carry a scar with us on our stomach's that tells of our connection, once, to the rest of humanity.

In Praise of Shadows:

This talk explores the inevitable, and increasing, mysteries and uncertainties in the world and how we should react to, and even engage the unknown.

For it is when we do just that, enter into the shadows, that we will find innovation, creativity, and new possibilities. We desperately need the gift of randomness if we are ever to break new ground and to truly innovate.

As people we might also find something in the shadows that we have lost in our flat fluorescent lit lives, romance, beauty, and creativity.

Deserts, Demons, Pirate Ships, and Doorways:

In the life of every company, every person there comes a time when we have left the old, the known, but we have not yet arrived at the new.

In this talk Pierre explores how it is just in these in between chaotic times that we have a chance to generate the most positive change.

Choices that are made well, in the midst of chaos will bring great outcomes. The rules in chaos are different, if there are any, but such opportunities wait.

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